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Ten years in the same place on a CV will neither help you to evolve nor progress

The corporate clock This morning, while opening the door to your office you realized that it has been ten years (already!) since you came through it for the first time. You’ve just realized how time flies, as if suddenly a voice inside whispered to you: “Help, I’ve become part of the furniture.”


Pay equity

November 21 marks an important date for salary equity. In principal, from now on women will earn an equal salary for an equivalent job.

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Ask for a pay raise


Facing an unexpected raise request

Admit it!You didn’t see that one coming did you? Since you have at last finalized the salary equity program, and your salary scale has been minutely studied, “benchmarked” and revised with your financial advisors, you think that things will be peaceful for some time. But lo and behold, this morning one of your colleagues came to ask you for a salary review, basically: They want a raise!

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The recruiter’s attitude, choice criteria for 76% of candidates

In a recruitment process, the selection interview represents a crucial step and the attitude adopted by the candidate can be a gage of success. But what can we say about that of the recruiter?

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From: Candidates To: Recruiters

A repentant drug dealer published an ‘employment wanted’ ad in the “National Post” including an account of his criminal past...


Interview: Éric Lapointe

Éric Lapointe, Global compensation Director Transcontinental Inc.

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More targeted training needs in IT

according to IDC Canada consulting report, Perspectives pour 2005 : Réinvestissement et rationalisation: les compétences en TI les plus en demande par les entreprises canadiennes en 2005

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  CanWest, the most important media company in Canada, finalized the acquisition of the most important retail niche job board in Canada yesterday;

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The 100 Best Employers

The guide to the “6 best employers in Québec” makes its appearance on library shelves! In fact, the 2006 edition of the annual guide to the “100 best employers in Canada” will soon be published and features merely six employers from the province – the 2nd largest economy in the country ...


pre-selection telephone screening

6 tricks to carry out an excellent pre-selection telephone screening and increase the quality of your first interviews.


Human Resources Planning

Labour represents a key success factor for many companies, because product or service quality often depends on it. Unfortunately, variations in demand and the uncertainty inherent to long-term forecasting make it difficult for companies to maintain the right number of employees. The following will describe, in five easy stages, how to proceed to properly plan one's human resource requirements. network