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Getting replies to your emails

. With recruitment always being a collaborative process, email is often the most common method for communicating with the various people involved. The impact of an email however, remains weak in comparison to a telephone conversation or a meeting. To give your emails more weight here are a few tips...

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The Ax Job seeking on the big screen!

A provocative film whose subject concerns all those who work in human resources, recruitment, executive search and those who have ever lost their job or who could potentially lose it tomorrow.

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Rejected application

The computer virus Yamanner appeared on June 12th,and attacking Yahoo users email service seemed to be the work of a candidate try to get noticed in order to obtain a job in a software company. Here is their application letter…

Job posting

Job offer: Keep it simple


Internal mobility: a skills management issue

The retirement of the baby boomers is near. The oldest among them are reaching 60. In several sectors, there will not be enough youths to take impending shortage. Internal mobility constitutes a way of satisfying this shortage.

Good to know

Google’s carrots for attracting the best

If Google is the best search engine in the world, with 8 billion indexed pages and 250 million requests per day in 35 languages, it’s machine for recruiting and developing the best talents works through a sophisticated cocktail of work conditions and benefits reserved for the stars. This cocktail of work life conditions aims to develop creativity.


A new job search engine « made in Canada »

3 years after the launch of, a new Canadian job search engine is making its appearance under the name Eluta.

By the numbers

Candidates talk too much for 36% of recruiters

Talking too much is the most common mistake job candidates make according to recruiters who participated in the 9th edition of the quarterly Executive Recruiter Index, published by Kom/Ferry International.


Internal mobility? Myth or reality?

Managing internal careers? Myth or reality? My first position in human resource management was concerned with managing careers internally. In this position, I remember developing job maps and skill profiles to help employees change positions more easily within the company according to the skills and key competences they were developing.

Call to order

Stop psychological harassment before it spreads

Since the section relating to psychological harassment came into effect in the Law on work norms in June 2004, around 5000 non-unionized Quebecer workers, especially women, brought claims before the work norms Commission.

Oddly enough

Australian secret service in full recruitment campaign

You would have thought that for recruiting secret agents, the direct approach would be te most appropriate. Well it seems that this is not the case for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation


Exploratory interviews: a profitable investment!

Your time is precious I know! But recently a HR Director told me that he had stopped waiting for internal managers to “pass over recruitment instructions” to him and that he was getting ahead by suggesting candidates. network