Birth of TwitterJobSearch


A new job search engine is now available on Twitter, the well-known micro-blogging platform present in 80 countries

The idea is simple—to provide access to the many jobs posted on Twitter via a search engine. The technological challenge is enormous, however, since Twitter jobs are in the form of “tweets,” or very short messages posted by users, such as “Sales manager wanted in Vancouver.” The platform, powered by U.K. job search engine Workhound, identifies the jobs proposed in the form of tweets, analyzes the data, then visits the company’s site to gather all the information available in the official job ad. TwitterJobSearch wants to index all the job ads and provide access via key words or criteria. For now, it is a beta version.

The site listed more than 34,660 jobs on March 20, most of them in the U.S. TwitterJobSearch is free and includes all the job ads on Twitter. Employers will soon be able to advertise to increase their visibility. TwitterJobSearch plans to eventually post ads from other social networks such as Facebook and FriendFeed. Twitter is reported to have between 4 and 6 million users each month.

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