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Does a false CV automatically lead to dismissal?

Many surveys confirm it – about 40% of the population have lied on their CV. A diploma that wasn’t completed, an exaggerated internship, software not mastered… candidates often inflate their skills to gain access to the coveted position. But once hired and unmasked, how serious are these lies? “A false cv is never good, but […]

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How do Recruiters Perceive Part-Time Jobs?

On your CV, you may have accumulated several part-time jobs. How are they to be made an asset for recruiters? “The fact of having had two part-time jobs certainly demonstrates the ability to manage a schedule,” says Michaël Jalbert, an employment consultant at Groupe Plein Emploi. “In addition, if you decided to take a part-time […]


The Intelligence Revolution – A Report to Read

Canada’s workforce will be facing fundamental changes in the coming years. Business leaders and politicians need to prepare workers for these disruptions. The Intelligence Revolution: Future-proofing Canada’s workforce. This is the title of a report co-authored by Deloitte Canada and the HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association). It urges business and political leaders to prepare workers […]


Job Dating? A Trendy Recruitment Technique

On the same principle as speed dating, recruiters meet candidates for a limited time. It’s a hiring tactic that is increasingly popular in Quebec, with some businesses organizing it regularly! To increase productivity, what could be better than a recruitment technique that works at great speed? By adopting the technique of speed dating – a […]

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Employers underestimate the challenge of employee retention

Four out of ten employees will most likely be seeking a job in the next year, but two-thirds of employers surveyed by the Robert Half firm are not concerned about retention of their workforce. Is there a problem? The Robert Half firm surveyed more than 400 Canadian professionals 18 years old and over, as well […]

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Your employees – the best headhunters

To find that rare gem, more and more companies are exchanging public job offers for personal social networks. This collaboration between human resources and employees even has a name: collaborative recruitment. It must be said that asking existing employees for references has many benefits for employers. Among these are reliability and speed. So existing employees […]

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The Art of Regaining Control of your Job Interview

When the recruiter doesn’t ask questions that let you highlight your strong points, how do you turn the job interview to your advantage? Tips. An ability to engage or collaborate, a sense of organization and a spirit of initiative are all important assets for a company. Even though as a candidate you have these valuable […]

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What are the Barriers to Recruitment in the Technology Sector?

Despite the fact the IT sector is booming and that there is a high demand for manpower, job seekers face many difficulties throughout the process. What are the barriers to recruitment in the technology sector? According to a survey conducted by the Robert Half Technology firm, the recruitment in the technology sector are often frustrating […]


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – October 2017

Here is a review of businesses that have announced hirings and layoffs during October 2017.  Hirings Quebec’s Minister of Health and Social Service, Gaétan Barrette, announced in October new regional medical staffing plans. More than 200 new positions will be added in Quebec’s hospitals over the next three years. Good news for the city […]


How to recruit internationally

Sometimes you have to look a little further for talent. How do you find, select and hire a foreign employee? “All the leading sectors in Greater Montreal have major manpower needs,” says David Lebel, Director of International Talent Attraction at Montreal International. “IT, video games, aerospace… and more, with the economy doing well we can […]

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Do your employees suffer from Friday-itis?

Have you heard about Friday-itis, the significant drop in motivation and concentration seen on Fridays among many workers who look forward to their weekend days off but a day in advance? Almost every employee has at some point experienced the need to legitimately take an unplanned day off for rest, for the sake of his […]


Half of Canadians still live from one paycheque to another

The Canadian Payroll Association conducted an online survey of over 4,700 people representing a wide range of sectors across the country. It reveals that Canadians put little money aside. Living from one paycheque to the next is daily life for half of Canadians. The Canadian Payroll Association survey found that 41% of the country’s employees […]

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