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Nursing Staff: State of Play

The Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) has just published its portrait of Quebec’s nursing staff. State of play of the profession and labour requirements. Increase in the number of nurses For 2017-2018, the OIIQ reports an increase of 0.6% in nursing staff, a trend that has continued “for almost 20 years”, according […]

Rights and labour standards

Overhaul of the Canada Labour Code: Towards Better Protection of Part-Time Workers

The Canada Labour Code, dating from the 1960s, needs to be modernized. This is the finding of an extensive consultation carried out by the federal government with groups of workers, unions and private sector employers subject to federal regulation. An overhaul is therefore being prepared to adapt to the new realities of the world of […]


How to Take Care of Your Employees’ “Moments of Truth”

“It’s not enough to hire the best talents, you have to put strategies in place to keep them,” says Catherine Rousseau, CHRP and guidance counsellor and HR marketing and experience strategist for the HRM Group.  Indeed, with professional leapfrogging becoming the norm, it is increasingly difficult to keep employees. Also, it is now necessary to […]

Company life

How to Manage People who Resist Authority

In carrying out their duties, managers have to adapt to different types of personalities… including some who invariably challenge their authority. How is the problem to be addressed? We discussed it with Éric Provencher, CHRP and organizational psychologist at HUMANA Conseil. First of all, when we are speaking about employees who pathologically challenge authority, “we […]


3 Years: The Ideal Duration of a Job (According to Employers)

Staying in a job for 3 years would be the ideal duration for employers, according to Indeed. For employees… six months! Results of a survey on perceptions of professional leapfrogging. In 2018, professionals are changing career often and accumulating more jobs than the baby boomers did. Adaptability, curiosity, variety and volatility: these are the values […]

Company life

Keeping the Humane Side Central in the Dismissal Process

Letting an employee go, for whatever reason, is never pleasant, and the exercise can be difficult for managers. Fortunately, they can be prepared for and the various reactions anticipated, in order to favour a meeting that is as humane as possible. The College of Certified Human Resources Professionals recently published a guide to assist employers […]


How to Manage Therapeutic Cannabis

With the legalization of cannabis, there is a good bet that many doctors will be more inclined to prescribe a little medicinal pot to their patients. How should the company handle this new reality? Cannabis is particularly recognized as an effective treatment against spasms, nausea, pain, anxiety and stress. It has been tested on about […]



Here is a review of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in November 2018. HIRINGS Coveo, a Quebec-based artificial intelligence company, will expand its Montreal office to accommodate an additional 300 employees by 2020. Many high-tech jobs will be created, including developers and data scientists . Still in the world of […]

Rights and labour standards

Under What Circumstances Can an Employer Hire a Private Detective?

If he suspects an employee of cheating on salary insurance, can an employer hire a private detective to conduct shadowing? What are the limits of the worker’s right to privacy? Some explanations. Employee fraud costs companies 5% of their revenue, according to the 2018 report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The use of […]


Legalization of Cannabis – How to Set Up an Appropriate Company Policy

It’s official – buying and consuming cannabis is now legal in Canada. The measure had been on the horizon for some time, disturbing some employers due to the potential consequences on the workplace. Now that it’s a done deal, here are some tips for companies to adapt. The Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés […]

Not to be missed

What Needs to Be Done to Attract Rare IT Talents?

To recruit the best talents in information technologies, you have to be ready to untie the purse strings and be creative in the search for candidates. This is what a recent study by Robert Half concludes. The IT world is tough! A survey by the Robert Half firm in Toronto shows that managers are struggling […]


Immigrants in Canada and job market – Overview

There are several statistics on immigration and the job market. With all these numbers, it’s easy to get lost! A report published in September 2018 by the Institut du Québec (IdQ) makes it clearer. Interview with one of its authors, economist Sonny Scarfone. In Brief According to the IdQ report, Quebec welcomed 52,388 permanent immigrants […]

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