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Recruiting while Favouring Diversity – An Approach

Some companies are still reluctant to hire employees who are immigrants, women or disabled. However, many studies show that diversity promotes creativity, as well as reducing absenteeism, staff turnover and conflicts. According to Sylvie St-Pierre, human resources and diversity management consultant, the similarity effect plays a big role in recruitment practices. “The human being has […]

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Social Profiles have Become as Important as a CV

When seeking a job, having an online profile has become indispensable. Some recruiters even consider it as important as the resume itself. Is this the end of the traditional CV? “The biggest mistake a candidate can make is to not keep his online profile up to date,” says Michael O’Leary, regional director at Accountemps in […]


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – February 2018

Here is a summary of companies where jobs were created and others were lost during February 2018. Hirings 1. A hub for maritime commerce, the Port of Montreal is launching construction of a new container terminal on the banks of Contrecoeur. This facility will allow the hiring of 5000 construction workers, and 1000 people for […]

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Stressed Employees are Less Engaged and Efficient

Morneau Shepell recently conducted a survey on workplace mental health with more than 1,500 Canadian employees. The results are alarming, both on stress levels and in terms of consequences for organizations. Morneau Shepell’s survey shows that 40% of managers and 34% of Canadian employees have suffered from extreme levels of stress in the last six […]

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The art of welcoming a new employee

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cost much to give new employees a quality welcome and it must be an integral part of the strategies for their attraction and retention. What are the conditions for success? Many companies don’t give thought to onboarding of their new employees. “There are many who still view welcoming as […]

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Job Interviews Trends in 2018 According to LinkedIn

Are structured hiring interviews still useful? According to the LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends 2018 report, they are still always or very frequently used (74%) and rated as fairly or very effective (88%). However, 56% of respondents are also of the opinion that it can be done “better”… How is the practice of the job interview […]


The Inevitable Rise of Independent Work

The profound social, economic and especially technological changes that we are currently experiencing are disrupting many ways of thinking, living and doing things. Take the wage system, for example, one of the solid foundations on which the working world leaned just a few decades ago, and which is slowly but surely crumbling, giving way little […]

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The Importance of Employee Experience

Companies have become aware that their employees are more involved at work when they are “pampered”. But not just in any old way, explains head of employee experience Bertrand Duperrin. According to the report The Experience Revolution from IBM, 62% of companies in China, Germany, India, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States have […]


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – January 2018

Here is a summary of companies where jobs were created and others were lost during January 2018. HIRINGS 1. The opening of the first Village des Valeurs store in Sherbrooke has led to creation of more than 60 jobs, half of them full time. It is the 17th store of this popular chain which offers […]

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Have you Thought About Thanking the Recruiter?

The hiring interview is over, you move on hoping to have news one day… That’s the attitude most candidates adopt, but did you know there’s another option? Thanking the recruiter, send a message to thank him or her for the attention they gave to you and to take the opportunity to multiply your chances of […]

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Top Priorities for HR Managers for 2018

The New Year is underway and good resolutions have begun to emerge, including in human resources. Top priorities for HR managers for 2018 will include improving engagement and productivity, and financial support for employees, particularly for retirement. According to the annual Human Resources Trends by Morneau Shepell, the top three priorities for HR managers for […]

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A Call Centre Telecommute Job is Now Possible!

To attract and retain employees, call centres are modernizing and even offering telecommuting… under certain conditions. The image of small cubicles in a windowless call centre room is changing. These conditions were certainly not unrelated to the high turnover rate of the industry (the average employment duration is one year). With competition, employers had a […]

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