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Professional burnout – women are at higher risk

According to a study of industrial relations and sociology by the Université de Montréal, women are more susceptible to professional burnout than men, due to the nature of their work. Female employees often find themselves working in positions where they are overqualified. “Overqualificatoin can arise from a glass ceiling effect where women are less likely […]

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Between Employees and Employers, the Vision of the Ideal Company Differs

According to a recent Randstad study, employees and employers do not agree on the criteria that make the ideal business. Explanations. According to the 2018 Randstad employer brand study, good pay, job security and a good work-family balance are at the top of employee expectations. The workplace atmosphere and career advancement come next. They are […]

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Why do you Lose your Talents?

This is a figure that is of concern to all managers and employers: 43% of Canadians would quit their jobs for a better salary. The OfficeTeam recruitment firm conducted a study on the factors that may cause employees to quit their current job. The response is clear and sharp: 43% said a higher paycheque (39% […]



Here is a review of the companies that have announced hirings and layoffs during July 2018. HIRINGS After abolishing 75 positions in its content teams last month, Rogers Communications announced this month the expansion of its customer contact center in Moncton, New Brunswick, creating 215 new jobs. The customer contact center employs customer service advisors, […]

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Salary increase – Keys to Managing them Better

In a context of labour shortages, what are the best practices for HR professionals to set wage increases that will not jeopardize the company while not scaring away the best talents? In theory, one might be tempted to link performance directly with salary increases, in order to reward the best employees and thus ensure that […]

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After Performance Assessments, Informal Feedback

Today’s companies are saying goodbye to employee performance management and turn to a less cumbersome process – informal feedback. The big players like Microsoft, General Electric, Deloitte and Adobe are following this new trend. According to the CEB management research firm, 49% of human resource managers intend to do the same during 2018. “Research shows […]

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Cybersecurity is a big concern to Canadian business leaders

The 15th EY Global Fraud Survey reveals that Canadian business leaders are more fearful of cyberattacks than their counterparts. For example, in Canada 66% of them think they are the greatest threat to their business. 37% of business leaders around the world consider cyberattacks to be the main risk for their company, compared to two-thirds […]

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Mental Pressure at Work – When Is It Too Much?

How much mental pressure at work can we bear? Just as the body can lift a certain load, the head can endure a certain mental pressure. What are the signs to watch for at work to avoid the point of no return that would blow the relief valve. “It’s important to take the time to […]


National Workforce Strategy – Reactions

At the end of May, the Quebec government presented its 2018-2023 National Workforce Strategy (NWS): 47 assorted measures with a budget envelope of $1.3 billion over 5 years. How has it been received by the province’s main organizations and associations?  Employers associations and unions were able to reiterate the urgency of taking action and as […]


Unplugging During the Holidays – Mission Impossible?

Year after year, studies show that Canadians still struggle to disconnect from work during the holidays. And it’s going from bad to worse, according to a new survey conducted by the Accountemps recruitment firm. Gone are the days when the computer was shut down after having summarily programmed an out-of-office autoreply message. Today, with a […]

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The Consequences of a Bad Hiring Decision

According to a survey sponsored by Robert Half and conducted among 270 managers of Canadian companies, they spend a bit more than 8 hours a week correcting the work of employees who were poorly selected at hiring. This 8-hour day is part of a 40-hour work week. According to the study, an employee that does […]



  Here is a review of the companies that have announced hirings and layoffs during June 2018. HIRINGS After the lifting of the moratorium that froze hiring at the Estrie University Center for Integrated Health and Social Services – Sherbrooke University Hospital (CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS), close to 350 positions will be posted in […]

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