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China fingers McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut practices

Media in China’s Guangdong province have accused McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut of underpaying their employees. The three fast food chains are allegedly only paying their employees 4 or 5 yuans an hour...


Microsoft , CareerBuilder, Job discrimination, Canadian Army, Taléo, New-Brunswick…

Microsoft buys stake in CareerBuilder Job discrimination still going strong Great success for Canadian Armed Forces recruiting campaign Taleo creates an SMB unit

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Changing jobs every week

How does one go about finding the job one was meant to do? All of us have at one time or other asked ourselves this question. Sean Aiken, a 25-year-old new graduate from Vancouver, wants a quick answer...

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More than 44,000 participants in L’Oréal’s online business game

Each year, L’Oréal organizes the “L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge,” an online business game for students all over the world...

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Telephone use at the office



News Human Resources Canada April 207

Employment Websites Adopt a Code of Ethics The Inception of The Best Employers in Canada are... Freshens Up Google Flirts With Newspapers Monster’s Stock Falls 13.2%


Are you recruiting “globally?”

Competition between companies is increasingly intensifying as regards recruiting. Candidates have become customers—consumers like everyone else—who are continually solicited from all quarters. Thanks to globalization, they are two clicks away from their next job and just a short plane ride away from their next career destination...


The tail that wags the dog

the dog with two tails...

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Tower of Babel


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10 ways to advance your HR career

“We are central to the career development of employees, yet we are often too busy to think about our own advancement,” deplores Mike Losey...

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Jackie Chan, Los Angeles County sheriffs’ icon

Jackie Chan leaps from a squad car, dressed in a deputy sheriff’s uniform. . . No, it’s not the latest Kung-Fu movie, but a new recruiting ad for U.S. law enforcement!

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Agriculture: Recruiting via work simulation exercises

The French national employment agency (ANPE) presented an original method of recruiting in agriculture. The method is based on exercises that simulate work situations... network