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Telecommuters more productive

More than three-quarters of executives stated that the productivity of telecommuters is the same as or better than that of regular employees...

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The tragedy of layoffs according to GM

During the SuperBowl commercial craze, all stunts seemed allowed in order to gain visibility...

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Be Reactive !!!


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How NOT to get a job

The following thread of emails is an exchange between a job applicant and a potential employer, Mike Platts. This is one of the best examples ever of how NOT go about it. It’s sort of hard to believe that this is real. But it is…


Online Branding – Offline Thinking.

When is a brand not a brand? Now that takes some thinking about and if you ask a million marketers you may have a million different answers...


Jobserve, JobShark, Workopolis, Yahoo! Canada, Monster, Bernard Hodes, TMP Worldwide,…

JobServe acquires Workopolis exclusive supplier for Yahoo! Canada Creation of the site PayPal payment available on Monster Bernard Hodes launches podcast service TMP Worldwide launches text recruiting StepStone acquires ExecuTRACK


Life drawing and drawing on life

Do you get lost in the vortex of your job ? A new year is a natural time to re-commit oneself to being a lifelong learner...

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10 recruiting trends for 2007

With an unemployment rate at its lowest level in 30 years, 2007 promises to be a challenging one for Canadian recruiters. We outline 10 major trends to help you better understand what lies in store for the coming year...

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Salary equity in Quebec: 10 years later

It was planned that way from the beginning: ten years after the passing of the Pay Equity Act, the Minister of Labour in Quebec was to present a report evaluating its implementation to the National Assembly. This was done on November 21, 2006.


A new year without my boss!

A pretty peculiar present awaited you this morning when you learned that he was resigning. Still in shock, you’re not sure whether to shed tears of joy or despair...

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Welcome to the Human Resource Manager’s offices

For some time now, a new way of working has been making its way into Human Resources: shared or multi-employer human resource managers (HRMs). Details on these new professionals follows...


Retirement: an endangered species

In a few years, the term "retirement" as we know it will no longer be used. According to Barry LaValley, president of the Retirement Lifestyle Center consulting firm, the new generation of retirees is breaking with the tradition of its elders. network