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Companies now have a new tool to create their own virtual worlds. Linden Lab, which launched the 3D virtual world environment Second Life in 2003, has just released Second Life Enterprise. Specifically, this new platform allows a company’s employees to hold totally confidentially virtual discussions, since the data exchanged is not saved on Linden Lab servers.

As proof that protection of information and confidentiality are valued, organizations such as IBM and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center are among the first testers of the Enterprise version.

Beta version on the market

For now, only the beta version of the software is on the market, at a price of $55,000.

Up to 800 employees will be able to meet in this virtual space. Users are represented by avatars who interact among themselves, making small talk or exchanging important work-related information. For example, IBM estimates it has already saved $320,000 by organizing a virtual conference for employees in Second Life, instead of holding a physical event.

Second Life recently celebrated more than a billion user hours logged, with some 1,400 organizations and companies using it. The new Enterprise version will be officially launched in early 2010.

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