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By the numbers

Candidates talk too much for 36% of recruiters

Talking too much is the most common mistake job candidates make according to recruiters who participated in the 9th edition of the quarterly Executive Recruiter Index, published by Kom/Ferry International.


Internal mobility? Myth or reality?

Managing internal careers? Myth or reality? My first position in human resource management was concerned with managing careers internally. In this position, I remember developing job maps and skill profiles to help employees change positions more easily within the company according to the skills and key competences they were developing.

Call to order

Stop psychological harassment before it spreads

Since the section relating to psychological harassment came into effect in the Law on work norms in June 2004, around 5000 non-unionized Quebecer workers, especially women, brought claims before the work norms Commission.

Oddly enough

Australian secret service in full recruitment campaign

You would have thought that for recruiting secret agents, the direct approach would be te most appropriate. Well it seems that this is not the case for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation


Exploratory interviews: a profitable investment!

Your time is precious I know! But recently a HR Director told me that he had stopped waiting for internal managers to “pass over recruitment instructions” to him and that he was getting ahead by suggesting candidates.

Good to know

Best Day of the Week to Post Jobs

When is the best time of the week to put your job postings on-line? eQuest, a company offering a job posting distribution service on an international scale, has compiled information from the 1 million job offers they have posted since the beginning of the year and has revealed the response to us...


CareerBuilder lands in Canada

The most significant job board in the US, CareerBuilder, owned by Knigth Riddr, Tribune and Ganette, the three most prominent American newspaper editors, seems determined to make its way to its northern neighbor.

Good to know

Job uncertainty: unstable life for the young European

Constant job uncertainty for Italian graduates; In Spain: Graduates in a state of permanent instability; In France: young people against the first employment contract.


Blogs: future tool for recruitment?

A new phenomenon, but more well-known in Europe and the US, work-related blogs are in their first steps here. The Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki, counts a weak 4.4% (22 out of 400) of Fortune 500 companies having a blog available to the public.

By the numbers

Specialized job boards as one of the three most effective methods of recruiting

86% It is the proportion of companies who consider specialized job boards as one of the three most effective methods of recruiting staff in information and communication technologies (ICT).


How to let a good candidate slip away in the final stretch!

Go back to square one. You have let that rare gem slip through your fingers again, yet you know that talent is scarce and good candidates do not grow on trees. But what came over you? Too eager? Attack of paranoia? Act of vengeance against your manager by making him miss his chance?

Rights and labour standards

Is there racism in Canadian recruitment ?

Racism in Canadian recruitment. Have employers demonstrated racism in recruitment? It seems so according to a study published February 22 2006 by the Canadian Labour Congress. The author, Leslie Cheung, is a third year student in public policy at Simon Fraser University. “Lower incomes, higher unemployment and precarious work status are prevalent for visible minorities […] network