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More than half of HRMs have not made human resources a career

Human resources employees are not always the best placed to hold management positions in this field. This is what a study conducted by the Aon Hewitt firm found.


How to manage the Monday morning at work syndrome?

Who has never had difficulty returning to the office on Monday morning after a weekend at the cottage? Some employees arrive better able to manage returning to work than others. But for the most obstinate, there are a certain number of tricks to apply.   

Oddly enough

Is Tuesday really the best day for hiring?

Analyzing its data, the American recruiting platform SmartRecruiters was able to determine what is the best moment to post an advertisement and recruit new candidates. It comes with very precise results: Tuesday at 11am and at 4pm. Here are some explanations.   

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3 keys to a strategy for employee wellness

Since the workplace psychological health and safety standard was created in January 2013, more and more companies are putting in place a genuine strategy to preserve their employees’ mental health. In accordance with the federal standard, several actions can by undertaken.   

By the numbers

Canada gained 58,900 jobs in May

There was a significant increase in the number of jobs in the labour market last month. After more feeble months, Canada seems to be performing better, thanks to the manufacturing sector in particular. Here are a few figures to remember from the latest labour force survey by Statistics Canada.   

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Quebecers have the entrepreneurial spirit

Quebecers have a greater taste for business than in any other developed economy. 19.1% of them plan to go into business, higher than in the rest of Canada, in the United States or in any other of the G8 countries. 


5 tips for better recruiting in outlying regions

Many Quebec companies located in outlying regions experience hiring difficulties. While the major urban centres have considerable appeal, extra efforts often need to be made in outlying regions to attract candidates, whether Canadian or foreign. What should companies do for improved recruiting far from major cities?  

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The price of gas influences employment outlook

The decrease in gas prices detracts from perspectives of several Canadian companies with regard to sales, investments and employment over the next twelve months. But other economic factors help paint a clearer picture...  


News: What impact will income splitting have on Canadian households?

This was one of the promises of the Conservative Party in 2011. Income splitting for couples with children will be applicable beginning with the 2014 tax year. But this measure, covering only a few households, could also encourage more women to leave the workforce. 


Gender equality: lever for a company’s success?

According to several studies and the view of some researchers, reducing gender inequality in representation and wages can lead to improvement in business performance. More broadly, it enables better socio-economic development in societies where it has been harnessed. What about Canada? 

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Close to 30,000 Quebec SMEs exempt from the pay equity declaration

The government of Quebec will soon be revising the Pay Equity Act. The next amend-ment will mean the end of the pay equity declaration for companies with 6 to 9 employ-ees.   

By the numbers

Key figures: The Canadian labour market lost 1,000 jobs in February

Despite the drop in the price of oil, the labour market appears to have held steady in February, according to the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey. Here is what’s important from the last issue.  

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