Is Tuesday really the best day for hiring?

Analyzing its data, the American recruiting platform SmartRecruiters was able to determine what is the best moment to post an advertisement and recruit new candidates. It comes with very precise results: Tuesday at 11am and at 4pm. Here are some explanations.


What recruiter has never asked these questions: “What time of the week should I post my ad?”; “What day do candidates most often apply?”; “Is there a time to recruit the best candidates?” The SmartRecruiters survey, conducted on over 270,000 job offers in the United States and Canada, lets us learn a little more.


A higher concentration of ads

Tuesday stands out as the important day of the week. It’s at this time that the platform receives the highest concentration of job offers (but Wednesday is not far behind). This day is also the day on which most candidates apply for jobs (18.5%), followed by Monday and Tuesday (18%). Finally, Tuesday is also the day that businesses most often hire (21.5%), followed by Thursday (20%) and Monday (19.5%).

Cited in an article from Fast, Company, Jérôme Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters, explains that many recruiters do not always have the time to post a job offer on Monday, being pressed by time and the tasks to be performed. They are more likely to do it on Tuesday.


Just before noon

The survey also determined the best time to post a job offer. The highest concentrations of offers are just before noon, about 11am, and in the middle of the afternoon, around 4pm. During these key hours, recruiters are more likely to attract candidates who are actively searching during their lunch break or before leaving for home at the end of the day.

Last point revealed by the study: 60% of job applicants apply in the week after the offer has been published. The faster candidates send in their CV and/or presentation letter, the greater their chances of being a part of the first wave of interviews. Recruiters should also pay special attention to these early candidates. According to SmartRecruiters, the most prompt candidates to respond are often those most interested in the offer and the most motivated by the job. 


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