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Foreign workers: Ottawa more watchful of abuse

The federal government has filed a bill to tighten the rules on the Temporary Foreign Workers program. Beginning in 2015 it will be able to impose heavy penalties on offending companies.

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Academos wants to become a social network

The Quebec cybermentoring platform has begun its transformation to become a true social network. For 15 years, the organization has connected young people who are in the process of making career decisions.

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Generation Y is redrawing the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape

According to the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), Generation Y is much more focused on starting a business than preceding generations. To such an extent that it is completely redrawing the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape.

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The highest paid CEOs have already earned the average annual salary in Canada

At the beginning of the year, a study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported on the salaries of the 100 highest paid Canadian CEOs. According to their calculations, at exactly 1:11 pm on January 2, a majority of them had already pocketed what the average Canadian earns in a full year.


Enhancements to pension plans

The federal government will not commit to enhancements to the Canada Pension Plans (CPP). This is the conclusion of the meeting between the ministers of the federal government and the Ministers of Finance of the different provinces.

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Office Party: 3 tips to avoid mistakes

Whoever says holiday season, inevitably talks about the office party. Be careful not to slip up. To avoid this, the Order of Certified Human Resources Professionals has some recommendations.


Performance management in the public service: available tools

After announcing the new directive on performance management in the public service earlier in the year, a certain number of tools and resources have been prepared to help managers implement the process.

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Job offers: 39% of Canadians are solicited on social networks

According to the latest Global Index on Labour issued by Kelly Services, social networks are opening up more and more career opportunities for workers. Canadians will be even more inclined to use LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook when seeking a new job than their American neighbours.

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10,000 jobs for autistic people by 2020

Newly established in Canada, the Danish company Specialisterne intends to create 10,000 jobs for autistic Canadians. The idea is to enhance the value of their unique skills on the labour market.

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Stress and a sedentary lifestyle and a concern for employers

More and more Canadian employers are aware of the link between workplace health and absenteeism or productivity. Interviewed for a survey by Sun Life Financial, they today place work related stress and the sedentary lifestyle as the main health risks incurred by their employees.

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Close to half of Canadians have a dream job

This may seem high, but 47% of Canadians say they have found the perfect job, if we are to believe the study conducted by the Bank of Montreal published at the end of September. Younger workers share this sentiment.


Moderate employment outlook for the fourth quarter

Canadian employers plan to temper hiring for the October to December period. The latest Manpower Survey on employment prospects also suggests that the construction industry forecasts are the highest.

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