5 tips for better recruiting in outlying regions

Many Quebec companies located in outlying regions experience hiring difficulties. While the major urban centres have considerable appeal, extra efforts often need to be made in outlying regions to attract candidates, whether Canadian or foreign. What should companies do for improved recruiting far from major cities?


A vital presence on the internet

Businesses in outlying regions have every interest in developing an easily readable website, with a quickly identifiable careers section. Thanks to information published on the website, candidates should be able to apply without difficulty. A presence on social networks is also important, so that candidates have an idea of the company’s culture and new positions to be filled (with a regularly documented and updated LinkedIn profile and Facebook page).


Priority challenges

Although wage is a significant factor in a candidate’s decision, other criteria seem to be fundamental. Many workers give a lot of importance to the challenges they will face in their future job and their career development. So businesses based in outlying regions have everything to gain by insisting on this aspect when presenting the company, the business sector and the different types of jobs to candidates.


A good approach to schools

Leaders can also look to educational institutions near the business and beyond. Have steps been taken to raise awareness of the company with young candidates and teachers? Through meetings and fairs, many links can be made and lead to the discovery of young talents ready to commit. Neither does anything stand in the way of setting up an exchange program with a university located elsewhere in Canada or abroad. These exchanges could prove fruitful over time. 


Recruitment assistance if needed

Many assistance programs exist in Quebec to facilitate hiring of qualified manpower. It does not cost anything to tour the available government bodies, or more specifically through the regional chamber of commerce. Calling on a recruitment professional who specializes in international talent search could also simplify things, if the business ever finds it difficult to recruit in Quebec.


Support for integration of the spouse

Finally, some incentives should not be overlooked. A future employee will surely appreciate efforts that a leader can make to support searching for a job for their hsuband or wife, finding a new home or even helping financially toward the move.


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