How to manage the Monday morning at work syndrome?

Arrange your Monday on Friday


This is one of the best solutions for chasing away Monday tiredness. It is in employees’ best interest to schedule in advance the tasks that they will undertake on the first day of the week. They may be able to plan to do the more pleasant tasks or those that demand a lower level of concentration if they feel tired.


Have fun Monday evening


The cinema? Dinner with friends? This is often the type of distraction that employees leave for Thursday or Friday evening. But why not turn this around and have fun earlier in the week? This change of schedule will have the benefit of less gloomy Mondays.   


Come in later


More and more companies in Canada are allowing flexible hours. If this is the case, employees suffering from the blues Monday morning should delay coming in on this day. This lag should facilitate the transition between the weekend and returning to work, and let tired employees recuperate better.


Manage sleep on the weekend


Sleep is an important criteria for feeling good at work. After a long week at the office, many employees get used to catching up on their lack of sleep during the weekend. But sleeping too much on Saturday and Sunday can also lead to the Monday morning syndrome. The best remedy would be to keep the same sleep rhythm each night, by limiting sleeping in and rather having short naps as needed.  


Monitor your pace of work


Too much work has a direct impact on both physical and psychological health. It has been observed that at between 47 and 50 hours of work per week employees are already exposed to a serious risk of health problems. In order to avoid the Monday morning blues dragging and extending to other days of the week, the question of working time is also a point to be considered. 


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