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Is the use of electronic cigarettes at work coming to an end?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation recently appealed to the federal government to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in public and work places. Without clear regulations across Canada, several municipalities, provinces and institutions have taken action on their own.

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Three-quarters of Canadians have “thriving mental health”

Three-quarters of Canadians appear to function well in their daily lives and have a positive outlook on life, according to the results of a Canadian Community Health Survey recently published by Statistics Canada. The survey also revealed that factors such as age, marital status and spirituality play a role in the sense of well-being.


How to attract and retain employees: a challenge for companies globally

Two surveys conducted by Towers Watson reveal that businesses struggle to attract and retain employees, especially top performers and high-potential employees. The main issues are that companies do not meet candidates’ and employees’ needs for job security, nor is there confidence in senior leadership.

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French employees rewarded for going to work by bicycle

10,000 French employees have for a few weeks had the right to a monetary premium for each kilometre travelled to get to work. The idea has resulted in new cyclists appearing on the scene.


Global growth expected to slow through 2060

In a new study from the OECD titled “Shifting Gear: Policy Challenges for the Next 50 Years”, we learn that ageing of the population, the decline in immigration and climate change are likely to slow the rate of global growth.

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Accommodation of sexual minorities: 2/3 of Canadians think companies can do better

Companies will have to apply more efforts to better accommodate LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders). According to the results of a survey on diversity at work sponsored by Sodexo, Canadians expect more and more to change in an inclusive workplace. The approach may prove profitable for companies.

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Change in direction in the war for talents

The war for talents experienced by HR before the economic crisis is back in force but in a different form. According to a KPMG study, it no longer concerns only the high potential and overqualified profiles in the company.

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Canada, the 7th most competitive country in the world

The latest ranking from the Institute for Management Development (IMD) has just been released. There is little change in the top 10 from 2013. The United States remains in the lead. They are followed by Switzerland, Singapore and Hong-Kong, while Canada remains in 7th place. 

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Bosses that frighten

On the same day, two newspaper bosses quit their jobs: Natalie Nougayrède, Director of the French daily Le Monde and Jill Abramson, Managing Editor of the New York Times. In both cases, management methods that were sometimes too forceful were put forward.

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Canadians: little inclined to mobility

According to an IPSOS-Reid study, less than half of Canadians say they are willing to move to take advantage of new job opportunities. The phenomenon could explain why companies are turning to the temporary foreign workers program.

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Income tax in OECD countries continues to rise

In 2013, the tax burden on work income amounted to 35.9% in OECD countries, an increase of 0.2 points compared to 2012. By comparison, levies on work income in Canada amounted to 31.1%.


Are Canadian university graduates overqualified?

Close to one Canadian out of five (18%) with a university degree is overqualified for their current job. This is what a study published by by Statistics Canada shows, in Insights on Canadian Society. But is the phenomenon of overqualification greater than it was 20 years ago?

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