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Know how to retain experienced workers

Partnering with Générations au travail, réussir ensemble!, the Université TELUQ has put a tool online for companies located in Québec that lets them assess their employment practices for people who are 50 years old and above. Workforce diversification is more than age differences: it has been proven that having employees of different generations is good for creativity […]



Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in June 2019. HIRINGS Unity Technologies wants to create in Montreal the second largest studio of the group. Thus, the Danish company will triple its workforce, from 200 to 650 employees. The federal government offered $ 350,000 to assist the […]

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Recruitment and Labour Scarcity: Strategies

Do you have vacancies but cannot attract enough candidates? Maybe you need some recruitment strategies. Here are some suggestions to attract future employees. Your employees as recruiters This is a neglected source that can prove to be a winner. “As an employer, you have to help your employees help you recruit,” explains Stéphane Simard, CHRP, […]

Rights and labour standards

Vacations and Part-Time Jobs: How Does It Work?

The summer season is approaching in leaps and bounds… It’s time to plan your holidays! If, like almost one Canadian in five, you work part-time, you are still entitled to paid time off. “The duration of the holidays and the calculation of “vacation pay” are the same, regardless of the status of employment,” confirms Alexandre […]

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Do You Have Your Chief Happiness Officer?

Do your employees smile at the thought of coming to work? A Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), or happiness manager, could help you meet this challenge. What does the Chief Happiness Officer do? “His goal is to make the employee experience the most agreeable possible ,as soon as they pass through the office door,” explains Gabriel […]

Career management

Five Best Practices to Assess Your Talents

Companies today need to prepare for tomorrow’s leaders, but how do you assess the best elements in your teams? Some best practices to recognize potential future managers. 1. See the future in your crystal ball Before identifying potential future managers, the supervisor of a team needs to have a good idea of the company’s future […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – May 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in May 2019. HIRINGS Nutrition Fit Plus, which specializes in the delivery of prepared meals, will open a new plant in Dorval by the end of summer 2019. This will create 200 jobs. Nutrition Fit Plus also plans to open […]

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Is It Necessary to Recruit in Summer?

After the busy periods, June, July and August arrive, HR Manager, you are thinking that you can relieve the pressure somewhat, especially t0 recruit in summer. But are you sure this is a valid strategy? Here are three good reasons why recruiting in summer is a good idea … You have the time Nearly all companies, from which […]


Ways to Give Meaning to Work

Generation Y workers want a “meaningful” job. As an HR professional, how do you instill meaning into work? Find the best practices to give meaning to work.  Reigniting the flame Having a meaningful job is an increasingly important concern for workers. How do you ensure, as a manager, that employees feel motivated and involved in […]


Are You Prepared to Train to Hire?

One of the main problems on the labour market is the gap between available skills and those needed by businesses. Robert Half conducted a survey on this subject with 300 HR managers and 500 office workers in Canada on candidates needing workers’ training. 76% of Canadian workers would be ready to apply even if they […]

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What If You Only Had One Interview Question to Ask?

We surveyed several recruiters to find out what is THE question that they would ask candidates if they were only allowed one interview question. Here is what they told us. “Why, at this point in your career, have you decided to choose our company? And how do you want to contribute to its success in […]

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Companies Innovating Through Employee Creativity

In the current working world, where technology is gaining in importance, creativity remains one of the human skills essential to the success of a company. What strategy can be adopted to stimulate it more in boosting employee creativity? With the constant development of new technologies, companies have to reinvent themselves to meet the competition. According […]

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