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Reasons for the Restaurant Labour Shortage

Chefs, cooks and other professionals in the restaurant field are rare. The stakes are high, with about 30,000 positions that will not be filled in Quebec by 2030, according to HR Tourism Canada. The reasons involve both society and the restaurant industry itself. Demographics and tourism The restaurant sector mainly employs young people, sometimes part […]

Rights and labour standards

What’s Changing in the New Labour Code?

Canada’s new Labour Code came into force on September 1, 2019. It guarantees more unpaid leave and breaks for 900,000 federal employees. More breaks One of the changes made by the Canada’s new Labour Code since early September is 30 minutes of unpaid break after each period of five consecutive hours of work. Note, however, that […]


The Caisse de dépôt bets $53 million on Neuvoo

The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) will invest $53 million in the Neuvoo job website. This investment, in the form of share capital, will allow Neuvoo to continue its global expansion and optimize its platform, powered by artificial intelligence. Headquartered in Montreal and with offices in Europe and Latin America, the company […]

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Working Part-Time and a Sense of Engagement: Mission Possible?

The sense of belonging in a company is often the most determining factor influencing employee motivation and performance. People who work part-time can also feel a sense of belonging, provided the company’s culture lends itself to it. According to researchers Liz Fosslien and Molly West-Duffy, authors of the book No hard feelings, the secret power […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – September 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in September 2019. Hirings Amazon has announced plans to open a new order processing center in Scarborough, Ontario. The one million square foot warehouse, heavily robotic, will still need to hire no less than 600 new full-time employees. This will […]

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Commuting – How to Help Your Employees

Good news – more and more employers are introducing sustainable mobility measures to help their employees get to work without clogging roads even more. A look at best practices. In this era of ecological transition, driving alone in your car is no longer an option. Companies know this and more and more of them are […]

Rights and labour standards

Employers: How to Enable the Right to Disconnect

The right to disconnect is a very current issue in the workplace. Although employees feel a certain pressure to stay “hooked” to their electronic devices even after work hours, companies can implement practices that help disconnect. In Quebec there is no law governing not being connected to work after office hours, although the issue is […]

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Job Search: How to Get Remotivated After the Summer Holidays

So you have taken a bit of a summer break in your job search, and that’s great – it’s important to recharge your batteries. But now you are having a hard time getting back into it… Here are some tips to get back into the game. Take stock If you have let go of your […]


How to Protect Your Employees’ Data

Administrative management, payroll payments, tracking staff… For your business to run smoothly you have to keep certain data about your employees. But beware of breaches, losses, leaks and other security problems! To avoid getting into such a situation, follow these 9 tips. Collect only the data you need In your files there should only be data related to […]


How Much Is Your Workforce Worth?

Measuring human capital to increase the company’s productivity is the innovative idea of a project launched by CFOs and accountants. In a time of labour shortages, technological progress and increased competition, companies have to constantly renew themselves. The Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) project proposes calculating the real value of the workforce to improve performance and […]

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Risks to Manage While Seeking a Job

Lack of money is the biggest risk faced by job seekers. Here are our tips of what to look out for and to reduce other risks from your lack of work. Financial risk The fear of financial fiasco may make you want to shorten your search by accepting the first job that comes along. No […]


What Happens at the Second Job Interview?

Employers are requiring a second job interview more and more frequently. This is an opportunity for you to present yourself in more depth and ask your nagging questions. Here are our five tips to make the most of this second meeting. Be glad Being called to a second interview is excellent news, and it means […]

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