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Recruiting from a Competitor – Is It Ethical?

In some sectors where qualified labour is scarce, recruiting from a competitor is a necessity. Short guide on ethics to succeed in this delicate operation. Although many companies avoid recruiting from a competitor and have internal recruitment policies set up as a priority, this is not the case in certain industries where labour is scarce. […]

Rights and labour standards

SME – Do you have a policy against harassment and violence?

According to a Léger survey in October 2017, close to one women out of two in Quebec have been sexually harassed, 40% of them at work. The recent public denunciations of sexual harassment have accentuated the need to combat this problem, especially in the professional environment. Under the recently-adopted Bill C-65, all employers are obliged […]


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – April 2018

Here is a review of businesses that have announced hirings and layoffs during April 2018. Hirings 1. Torstar, which publishes, among other things, the Toronto Star, has just hired some 20 journalists who will be assigned to the newsrooms of the free newspapers Metro in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. This initiative aims to attract a […]


Indeed buys Workopolis

One of the main Canadian job search sites, Workopolis, will be absorbed by its main competitor, Indeed. The Japanese group Recruit Holdings, which already owns Indeed, has announced that in the next few weeks it will conclude acquisition of the website. Workopolis will then be integrated into the Indeed network. The transaction should consolidate […]

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10 Tips to Make a Good First Impression

The first impression left with a potential employer can be decisive. Here are 10 tips to to avoid harming your entrance onto the stage, beyond the well-known “firm, but not too firm” handshake. The first impression is crucial Why is it important to make a good first impression? Because it lasts a long time and […]

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Do you Have your “Talent Pipeline”?

Do you recruit only when there is an open position? That’s a thing of the past! The practice now is to maintain a continuous conversation (real and virtual) with a pool (as vast as possible) of potential candidates. A “sourcing” expert explains this approach. “The word sourcing comes from the procurement sector,” explains Sébastien Savard, […]

Company life

Staff Turnover Rate – Canada Poorly Placed

LinkedIn has conducted a survey on the rate of staff turnover around the world. Canada ranks fourth among countries where it is the highest. 21% for France, 17.6% for the United Kingdom, 17.5% for Australia, 16% for Canada and 13% for the United States – staff turnover rates are reason for concern in these countries. […]


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – March 2018

Here is a review of businesses that have announced hirings and layoffs during March 2018. Hirings 1. Parc Safari organizes two hiring sessions to fill vacancies during the summer season. Between 100 and 130 positions should be created as a result of these events. 2. Ubisoft, the growing video game giant, wants to hire […]

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3 Good Practices to Develop an Effective Succession Management Program

With the baby-boomers retiring, the growth of financial markets that accelerate departures and the global shortage of labour, more and more companies will have to develop an effective succession management program. Will yours be one of them? Here are three key elements to prepare for it. While in the past companies had an easy time […]

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7 Actions that Hurt your Employer Branding

Whether it’s a haughty attitude shown to a candidate or a lack of discretion during the recruitment process, here are 7 actions that could harm your employer branding. 1. Having the wrong attitude Some companies don’t seem to understand that they no longer have the big stick when it comes to recruiting. In many fields, […]

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Social Profiles have Become as Important as a CV

When seeking a job, having an online profile has become indispensable. Some recruiters even consider it as important as the resume itself. Is this the end of the traditional CV? “The biggest mistake a candidate can make is to not keep his online profile up to date,” says Michael O’Leary, regional director at Accountemps in […]

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Recruiting while Favouring Diversity – An Approach

Some companies are still reluctant to hire employees who are immigrants, women or disabled. However, many studies show that diversity promotes creativity, as well as reducing absenteeism, staff turnover and conflicts. According to Sylvie St-Pierre, human resources and diversity management consultant, the similarity effect plays a big role in recruitment practices. “The human being has […]

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