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Job Search: How to Get Remotivated After the Summer Holidays

So you have taken a bit of a summer break in your job search, and that’s great – it’s important to recharge your batteries. But now you are having a hard time getting back into it… Here are some tips to get back into the game. Take stock If you have let go of your […]


How to Protect Your Employees’ Data

Administrative management, payroll payments, tracking staff… For your business to run smoothly you have to keep certain data about your employees. But beware of breaches, losses, leaks and other security problems! To avoid getting into such a situation, follow these 9 tips. Collect only the data you need In your files there should only be data related to […]


How Much Is Your Workforce Worth?

Measuring human capital to increase the company’s productivity is the innovative idea of a project launched by CFOs and accountants. In a time of labour shortages, technological progress and increased competition, companies have to constantly renew themselves. The Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) project proposes calculating the real value of the workforce to improve performance and […]

Jobs search

Risks to Manage While Seeking a Job

Lack of money is the biggest risk faced by job seekers. Here are our tips of what to look out for and to reduce other risks from your lack of work. Financial risk The fear of financial fiasco may make you want to shorten your search by accepting the first job that comes along. No […]


What Happens at the Second Job Interview?

Employers are requiring a second job interview more and more frequently. This is an opportunity for you to present yourself in more depth and ask your nagging questions. Here are our five tips to make the most of this second meeting. Be glad Being called to a second interview is excellent news, and it means […]

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Potential solutions for better integration of neuro-atypical employees

More and more people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are claiming their place on the job market. As employers, how are they to be brought on board? Marie-Ève Cantin, an educational specialist and one of the initiators of the L’Aut’Lieu project, offers some ideas. Today, accessibility often comes down to […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – August 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in August 2019. HIRINGS In Montreal, Ormuco, which specializes in peripheral computing, received a $ 4 million investment from the Québec government, which will enable it to further develop its technology platform. Help that will create 40 new IT jobs. […]


Questions You Could Be Asked in a Call Centre Job Interview

Are you applying for a job at a call centre? Some current and former employees share some of the questions they were asked in interviews. Take notes! “Sell me this pencil…” …or this telephone, this printer, this chair! The idea is to take you by surprise and assess your sales instinct, your mood, your quick […]

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Pulse Surveys, or Constantly Measuring Employee Opinion

It’s a growing HR trend: employers regularly measure the opinion of their employees with flash opinion polls. Advantages and disadvantages of this method, which is increasingly replacing the good old engagement survey. If you consult your employees more often, they will feel that they are taken seriously and valued at work – the ingredients for […]

Rights and labour standards

How to Set Up a Workplace Romance Policy

At a time when sexual harassment is central to all discussions, it’s difficult for employers to know how to manage romance at work! There are several options available to them, from outright prohibition to establishment of a dedicated policy and case-by-case reactions. One person out of three has had a romantic relationship at work, and […]

Oddly enough

Employees who hide for romance…

You are developing well within your company when romance surprises you around the corner of a cubicle… Are you uneasy about reporting this relationship to your employer? If the answer is yes, rest assured, you are not alone! A new study by ADP Canada reveals the necessity to clarify policies about romantic relationships in the […]


The Number of Temporary Employees Is Exploding

The number of temporary workers has grown by close to 60% in 20 years, according to the most recent figures from Statistics Canada, compared to 33% for full-time employees. Where has this discrepancy come from? Temporary work is growing exponentially in Canada. Between 1998 and 2018, the number of temporary employees increased 57%, according to […]

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