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Rights and labour standards

Under What Circumstances Can an Employer Hire a Private Detective?

If he suspects an employee of cheating on salary insurance, can an employer hire a private detective to conduct shadowing? What are the limits of the worker’s right to privacy? Some explanations. Employee fraud costs companies 5% of their revenue, according to the 2018 report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The use of […]


Legalization of Cannabis – How to Set Up an Appropriate Company Policy

It’s official – buying and consuming cannabis is now legal in Canada. The measure had been on the horizon for some time, disturbing some employers due to the potential consequences on the workplace. Now that it’s a done deal, here are some tips for companies to adapt. The Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés […]


The Job Search – How to Keep Your Morale Up

Between rejection and when tons of resumes act like messages in bottles, how do you keep your morale up in spite of everything? Tips from Mathieu Guénette, guidance counsellor. Revise your CV and ask for advice According to Mr. Guénette, the first thing to do is to make sure your CV is clear and relevant. […]

Not to be missed

What Needs to Be Done to Attract Rare IT Talents?

To recruit the best talents in information technologies, you have to be ready to untie the purse strings and be creative in the search for candidates. This is what a recent study by Robert Half concludes. The IT world is tough! A survey by the Robert Half firm in Toronto shows that managers are struggling […]


Immigrants in Canada and job market – Overview

There are several statistics on immigration and the job market. With all these numbers, it’s easy to get lost! A report published in September 2018 by the Institut du Québec (IdQ) makes it clearer. Interview with one of its authors, economist Sonny Scarfone. In Brief According to the IdQ report, Quebec welcomed 52,388 permanent immigrants […]


Is Continuing Education Worthwhile?

Each year, about 22% of Canadian workers receive job-related training. While there are many benefits of the training, both for the employer and for the employee, it remains difficult to quantify the real value of continuing education, since its effects are not all objectively measurable. What we know A group of Irish researchers examined the […]


Review of hirings and layoffs – October 2018

Here is a review of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in October 2018.   RECRUITMENT Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially launched the construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which will link Highway 401 in Ontario to I-75 in Michigan. This major bridge, which will cost nearly $ 6 billion, […]

Career management

Are you a slasher?

Philippe, 56 years old, has been a merchant for more than thirty years. Several years ago, he gave himself the “leisure” to develop other skills, to the point that today he presents himself as a merchant/CEGEP teacher/trainer/musician. You will understand, the “slasher” label comes from the accumulation of angled bars, slashes, on the presentation. Like […]

Company life

How to Change Employee Behaviour

One may want more motivated and productive employees, but it’s still true that it’s a question of willingness… by the main stakeholders! How can we make sense of work environment transformations to promote better perception? Open-plan workspaces, blended teams, refurbishing of equipment, frequent trials of new communication methods: this is the daily lot of many […]

Company life

Open Area Offices for Healthy Employees

A brake on productivity, easier spread of diseases, more frequent disturbances – there are many reasons not to opt for an open area office. Now scientists have just given them a big benefit that may well make you give in to the trend, if you haven’t already done so… According to a new study published […]

Pay and benefits

Successful Salary Negotiation – Some Avenues

It is always delicate to negotiate a starting salary or a salary increase with an employee, especially when they are critical for the company. Here are some tips for successful negotiation. A CROP-CHRP survey conducted in March 2018, reveals that 41% of Quebec workers believe they are being paid less than they deserve. In the […]


Canada for Gender Equality at the G7

For its presidency of the G7, Canada has made gender equality a priority, particularly in the energy sector, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has designated gender equality and women’s empowerment as one of the main themes of the summit. The Advisory Council on Gender Equality for the Canadian presidency of the […]

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