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How to Respond to Harassment at Work

Sexual, psychological or discriminatory harassment: these situations are found more often that you might think in Canadian workplaces. 19% of women and 13% of men have been victims at least once in their careers. Learn how to recognize it to know how to react accordingly. Is it harassment? To know how to respond, the first […]

Rights and labour standards

How to Set Up a Harassment Policy

Companies are required to offer their employees a workplace free of harassment, whether psychological or sexual. To do this, implementation of an appropriate policy is required. But how is it done? Consider yourself covered First of all, it’s not because the situation has never presented itself in your company – or you have never heard […]

Rights and labour standards

Investigating Psychological Harassment in the Workplace – Best Practices

More and more lawyers will be asked to investigate cases of psychological harassment at the workplace. What are the best practices in this area? “The norm is changing, and expectations in human relationships are also changing: behaviours may be better identified, recognized and reported more than before,” explains Élise Corriveau, CHRP and accredited mediator for […]

Company life

Reinvent Your Meetings!

The culture of the meeting is a tradition within most companies. Often necessary for better communication, team meetings can be long, painful and ineffective, however. But to make them more dynamic, several techniques have been developed to renew the classic meeting. Here are some examples. The stand-up meeting As its name indicated, the stand-up meeting […]

Rights and labour standards

What does “negotiate in good faith” mean?

Negotiating in good faith is not just a good idea, it’s an obligation! As well, trade union disagreements during a negotiation have to follow certain rules. On the site of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés, Mtre Karl Jessop, CRIA and a lawyer and partner at Cain Lamarre, explains clearly and simply what […]


Autism Spectrum Disorder at Work

“Go ahead as you wish, I trust you, and give me a complete summary as soon as possible!” This assignment that would appeal to many workers would horrify most workers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When hiring one of these talents, what should you pay attention to for successful integration? “Successful integration is when you […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – January 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost during the month of January 2019. RECRUITMENTS The electric car is gaining popularity, and the Quebec manufacturer of charging stations, AddÉnergie, will invest $ 30 million over the next few years to continue its growth and develop new markets in […]

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6 keys to a successful presentation

Presentations to teams or decision-makers is a recurring exercise for the project manager. How do you avoid putting your audience to sleep? What techniques are there to pass your message on effectively? 1 – Don’t rush into PowerPoint “The worst thing to do is to create your own material directly without having thought about your […]

Company life

Company Culture – How to Find the Ideal Employer

Looking for an employer is becoming more and more like looking for… a spouse! An increasing number of employees are looking for the perfect match. A recent survey by the Robert Half firm reveals that 2 Canadians out of 5 would be willing to turn down the job of their dreams if they disagreed with […]


The Exit Interview and Why it Matters

When an employee resigns it is becoming more and more common to conduct an exit interview. How is it conducted? What do you gain from it? We spoke to Émilie Pelletier, CHRP and HR marketing and communication strategist at HRM Group. Less known than the hiring interview, the exit interview is gaining popularity among organizations […]

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The Churn Rate – Challenge Number 1 in 2019

According to a survey conducted by the Morneau Shepell human resources company, reducing the churn rate by increasing worker engagement will be a priority for companies in 2019. Overview of this reality that affects many Canadian employers. The survey found that one of the priority goals for Canadian companies is to succeed in attracting and […]


Review of hirings and layoffs – December 2018

Here is a review of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in December 2018. HIRINGS The consulting firm Accenture announced in late November 2018 its intention to create by 2020 no less than 800 new positions related to the digital economy. The company, present in major Canadian cities, has 5,000 employees. […]

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