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Do you have a career development plan?

In life, we often like to believe in our lucky star… From a professional point of view, establishing a career development plan can actually help the stars to align themselves. A career plan: a development tool that we’ve all heard about, but… who has one? However, according to Al Dea, career development specialist, those who […]

Company life

Unfortunately, Your Application Has not Been Accepted

In recruitment, many are called and very few chosen. Rejecting an application has to be done using best practices to preserve the ego of unsuccessful applicants, but also to preserve your employer brand. Here are some good practices when responding to a rejected application. Nothing obliges you to contact rejected applicants, but as an employer […]

Company life

Negative Atmosphere at Work? Here’s How to Fix It!

When a company goes through a bad phase, or during a period of layoffs, a negative atmosphere can sometimes descend on a workplace. How can a good mood be encouraged on the job? Lower morale, reduced productivity or lack of motivation – there can be many adverse effects resulting from a negative atmosphere in the […]

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Secrets of Recruiters of Temporary Employees

Using a staffing firm can be a good option for people seeking a short-term temporary job. It is possible to be placed in a company within a week or even the same day, according to recruiters. Given the situation of nearly full employment, temporary positions are more difficult to fill than permanent positions. If your […]


The Art of Feedback

It’s not always easy to provide feedback to your employees. Here are some effective methods to have the most impact. Continuous feedback Employees are increasingly asking for information to be given to them on a regular basis. How do you meet their expectations? By providing them with continuous feedback, that is, by taking every opportunity […]

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Why Are Millennials Bored at Work?

Boredom at work affects many millennials. Why? Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials (or Generation Y) are arriving on the job market in massive numbers and holding more and more important positions. Positions they don’t hesitate to quit if boredom strikes… Here are the factors that cause them boredom. Lack of challenges Better educated than […]

Jobs search

Some Tips for Passive Job Seekers

“The reality of today’s job market is that people are in motion. They move from one job to another quickly,” sums up Éloïc Lévesque-Dorion, employment counsellor at the Montreal Downtown Job Search Club. “People stay in the same company for three years on average,” he adds. “Everyone will eventually have to find another job.” Even […]


Who Are Canada’s 10 Best Employers?

As it does every year, Forbes has published its ranking of Canada’s best  employers, based on the opinions of those working in the organizations concerned. The 2019 list contains some surprises… Would you recommend your employer to other people? This is the question that Statista, Forbes’ partner, asked 8,000 Canadians working in companies with over 500 […]

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Performance and Pay: a Questionable Link

Although pay plays a role in the performance of an employee, experts point out that motivation is also strongly linked to the pleasure obtained from work. Salary, bonuses and insurance are not the only things that count in performance. “Monetary compensation is the least effective of all if it is poorly implemented,” says Jean-Sébastien Boulard, […]

Job advice

Psychological Health – Managing a Return to Work

Although the taboos surrounding mental health are less tenacious than they were a few years ago, many employers have the impression they are walking on slippery ground when it comes to medical leave. And managing the return is all the more delicate… Here are the 5 steps recommended by Ghislaine Labelle, CHRP, in an article […]


You’re Hired

Hire has finally arrived! A Google brainchild, it was first launched in the US in 2017 for companies using G suite and is now available in Canada and the UK. What is Hire? Hire is a recruiting app that integrates with G suite apps such as Gmail and Google Calendar. What does it do? It […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – February 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost during the month of February 2019. HIRINGS In anticipation of spring, the high season for renovation projects, The Home Depot retailer is actively seeking to staff more than 5,500 associate positions across most of its branches across Canada. BlackBerry, the […]

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