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The Exploratory Meeting – A Tool to Revive Your Job Search

More subtle than sending a resume, the exploratory meeting is a way to open doors to potential employers without necessarily appearing to beg for a job… Let’s see what it is. The exploratory meeting is an informal meeting that is requested with a director, manager or professional of the same hierarchical level, to obtain information […]

Rights and labour standards

Wages: More Transparency by Employers?

Wage transparency is a global trend that will become increasingly present in organizations of all sizes, particularly as a result of the new provisions of the Pay Equity Act. How can you adapt to this as an employer, manager or human resources specialist? “Transparency is becoming essential, not only because the law requires it, but […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – November 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in November 2019. HIRINGS With more than 880 parking spaces and 400 additional products, the brand new Costco in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, located on Saint-Bruno Boulevard, created 90 new jobs when it opened in early November. Note that the average hourly wage […]


Labour Shortage – Are There Effective Solutions?

Resolving the challenge of labour scarcity by supporting businesses is the idea of the government in place. “It’s interesting, because they need help in the current environment”, explains Manon Poirier, director general of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés of Quebec. She believes government assistance will encourage organizations to boost employees’ wages and […]


Mental Health at Work – Caring First for the Organization

In 2019, improving employee mental health was to be the number 1 priority for 48% of human resources managers, according to a survey conducted in 2018 by Morneau Shepell among 356 Canadian organizations. However, while some rely on person-centred wellness programs, they are on the wrong track, because it is the organization that needs to […]

Rights and labour standards

Reducing the Wage Gap Between Men and Women

On average, the wage gap between men and women has diminished over the past twenty years in Canada, although there are still disparities, according to Statistics Canada.  In 1998, women earned an average of $22.34 per hour, compared to $27.51 for men, a gap of 18.8%. In 2018, the gap shrank by 5.5 points, to […]


Employees Want to Earn More…

One-third of Canadian workers are considering looking for a new job in the next few months, and half of them are seeking a better salary, according to a study conducted by the Robert Half global staffing firm. These are employees who have been in the job for several months, who don’t hate their work, who […]

Career management

Temporary Employment – a Variety of Job Opportunities

Gone are the days when temporary employment was reserved for day labourers in factories. Here is a compilation of fields that increasingly depend on temporary workers to meet growing labour needs. You might be surprised!   1. Specialists in Human Resources. This advisor will be involved in various matters such as skills management, employee relations, […]



Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in October 2019. Hirings Quebec IT Services giant CGI has announced a major expansion of its Chicoutimi offices. Over the next three years, 100 new employees will be added to the 700 already in place. The CGI Center of Excellence […]

Company life

At work… is everyone tired?

An Accountemps survey shows that almost all managers in Canada consider their employees to be “exhausted” to a certain degree. Always being tired… is tiring! And unfortunately, a recent survey by the Accountemps firm reveals that the vast majority of Canadian workers feel exhausted. In fact, out of 400 office employees interviewed, 95% of them […]


Can You Recruit Without a Resume?

Historically, the resume is the recruiter’s Number One tool, his first point of contact with candidates. But other solutions are appearing more and more. Although this document is not (yet!) obsolete, learning to do without it can leave you open to interesting profiles that would not have reached you by this conventional route. The drawbacks […]

Rights and labour standards

What’s Changing in the New Labour Code?

Canada’s new Labour Code came into force on September 1, 2019. It guarantees more unpaid leave and breaks for 900,000 federal employees. More breaks One of the changes made by the Canada’s new Labour Code since early September is 30 minutes of unpaid break after each period of five consecutive hours of work. Note, however, that […]

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