How to encourage staff to return to the office

Companies across the country are looking for ways to persuade employees to return to the office at a time when downtown vacancy rates remain higher than ever. What should employers do to encourage workers to come back to the office?

In a report published last July, commercial real estate services company CBRE reported that Canada’s office vacancy rate had reached its highest level since 1994. The Board of Trade of
Metropolitan Montreal revealed in a new study unveiled in June that although 68% of downtown employees surveyed want to go to the office every week, 32% are still reluctant to work face-to-
Getting back to the office is essential for the economic recovery of downtown Canadian cities, and employers today are looking for effective strategies to attract employees to their premises.
Here are some of them.

Provide welcoming workspaces

Providing a work environment that is both caring and attractive is a good way to prioritize the well-being of staff, while encouraging them to come to work in person. According to the
Commercial Development Corporation of Montreal, the proposed workspaces must be spacious, bright, contain ergonomic furniture and be located near services and businesses.
Since many workers want to come back to the office to exchange views and socialize with colleagues, optimized gathering places and comfortable collaboration zones are also priorities.
Private spaces designed for concentration will appeal to those who particularly like the peace brought about by remote work.

Flexibility is still essential

Since the vast majority of workers today prefer the hybrid mode, a return to the workplace should allow them to maintain some flexibility in their schedule. By making use of flexible
working hours or compressed or shortened working days, office workers can always maintain a good balance between work and personal activities.

Offer benefits and access to services

Incentives such as bonuses, free meals, extra days off, a free gym or paid travel passes are interesting ways to encourage staff to return to the office. The Lavigne Group, which specializes
in business coaching, team building and strategic consulting, also suggests that employers partner with external suppliers to offer employees a range of services directly in the workplace. 

Whether it’s catering, cleaning, massage, tire changing or daycare services, workers gain time in their day in spite of being at the office.

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