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New agreements signed for disabled workers

The governments of Canada and the Yukon recently signed new agreements to promote integration of disabled workers into the labour market. A first for the territories.

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9 Canadians out of 10 are worried about the shortage of manpower

The skills shortage between supply and demand on the labour market has proved to be a major concern for Canadian workers this year. The 2014 job market trends survey, conducted by Randstad Canada in collaboration with Ipsos Reid among 2,076 employees and managers across the country, also shows that the skilled trades (plumbers, electricians, etc.) suffer the most from labour scarcity. The phenomenon is mainly due to ignorance and a poor image of these jobs.

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Advisory Board: only 6% of Canadian SMEs have one

A minority of SME leaders are supported by an advisory board. The main obstacle to implementing such an arrangement is the work needed. This is even though it would improve growth and productivity. This is what is shown by the results of the first Canadian study on the effect of advisory boards published by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and conducted among 1,000 SME leaders across the country.

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Measuring and managing innovation: a challenge for Canadian companies

Canada’s capabilities for innovation are not being exploited by companies, according to the Conference Board of Canada. The reason? Poor or even lack of use of adequate indicators to measure and manage innovation.


North America: Vancouver offers the best quality of life

According to the latest edition of the Mercer study on the quality of life, Canada leads the North American standings with Vancouver in first place. The metropolitan area is also ranked fifth globally. Overview of a survey that allows multinational companies to assess the pay and compensations granted to their expatriates.


Violence conjugale et milieu de travail : une enquête nationale

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) recently launched a national survey on the repercussions of domestic violence on workers and the workplace. Its objective is to provide research data for developing appropriate public policies.

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Retirement: declared obligations could increase up to 7%

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries has published the first report of mortality tables and scales of mortality improvement, based on the Canadian experience of mortality of retirees. The figures show a higher life expectancy and a variable increase of declared obligations depending on the pension plan.

Oddly enough

Social networks expert, a disappearing profession?

Although jobs for social medias and technologies have only existed for less than ten years, they are currently declining and will likely disappear within the next ten years. The study conducted by Workopolis points out that four other professions are also coming to an end over the next decade.

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Women’s careers still encountering major obstacles

Lack of responsibilities, persistence of prejudices, difficulties in reconciling personal and professional life, wage gaps, etc... There are still many obstacles to advancing women’s careers, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos-Reid for Randstad for the 2nd consecutive year. The most striking fact from the survey is that overall image, including physical appearance, has major repercussions on professional development, according to an overwhelming majority of the 501 respondents.


American workers to fill skill shortages in Canada

Manpower needs in resources development projects remain unmet. No less than 50,000 jobs remain unfilled, a figure that could double within 10 years. According to a recent study by the Conference Board of Canada, the solution would be to look across the border to hire qualified workers from the United States who specialize in the natural resources sector and energy needs.


Unemployment figures drop in September

Nearly 12,000 jobs were created in September, bringing the unemployment rate down to its lowest level since 2008, below the 7% threshold. The figures recently released by Statistics Canada are also marked by a decline in the number of young people looking for a job.

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13% higher pay for HR managers who hold CHRP certification

If holders of the title of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) wonder what the financial value of their certification is, the answer is in the latest “Fuel for HR Careers: The 2013 Market Value for CHRP Certification” survey, conducted by the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) and PayScale. Overview of the results. network