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Oddly enough

Hiring: subjective selection factors

Candidates for a job are not only judged by their skills and experience... A survey conducted by CareerBuilder among 2,076 HR professionals in the United States shows that recruiters take into account rather original factors when they have to decide between two equal candidates.

Good to know

Growth sectors, shunned by students

Although Canadians are heading en masse towards postsecondary education, many people choose low paying sectors or ones with little demand for manpower. This is shown in the report Degrees of Success: The Payoff to Higher Education in Canada from Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist and Emanuella Enenajor, economist at the CIBC Bank.


61% of HR staff overwhelmed by the complexity of their organization

HR managers mostly face growing complexity within their organization. Over half of them feel overwhelmed by circumstances. This is what has been revealed by a recent survey conducted by Lumesse among 1,300 HR staff based in America, Europe and Asia.

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Vancouver, the most expensive city in Canada for expats

Each year, Mercer conducts a survey on the cost of living around the world. Its goal is to enable governments and multinationals to set the amount for expatriate allowances and premiums for employees that are internationally mobile. Overview of the major trends of 2013.


Google: students’ favourite company

Google is unanimous among students in business and engineering schools, who have placed the company in first rank of their favourite companies. This is what the survey by Universum’s 2013 IDEAL Canadian Employer Rankings found, conducted among 29,000 Canadian undergraduate students. The preference says a lot about how they envisage their future professional life.

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Leadership, defined by influence and performance

The functions of a leader are becoming more and more broadly defined among human resources managers and directors worldwide. Overview of the survey conducted by the American Management Association among 1200 respondents in 40 countries.


Canadian Youth: unequal employment conditions

Three Statistics Canada analysts looked at the evolution of employment conditions for youth over the last three years. Results of the comparison: despite longer schooling, they are finding it harder to enter the labour market. However, the 15-34 age group are unequal in terms of employment.

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Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month for the long term

The 13th Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, which will take place from next October 1st to 28th, has the theme this year “Fostering Healthy Minds at Work…the mental health connection”. Presented by Great West Life Insurance Company, through its corporate responsibility program, and managed by Excellence Canada, the operation aims to recognize and implement initiatives that favour psychological health and safety at work.


Involvement of North American employees at the lowest

Commitment of North American employees to their company has reached its lowest level since 2008, according to a study conducted by Aon Hewitt. 2,500 companies representing over 3.8 million employees were studied around the world to highlight the leading role employers have in involving their employees for the smooth running of their business.

By the numbers

58% of North American employers plan to hire in 2013.

With the background of an improving labour market, half of companies have had a higher employee turnover than last year. Three quarters of them also expect to see even more departures. This was revealed by a survey conducted by OI Partners-Feldman Daxon Partners among 153 North American companies.

Call to order

Canadian women still hitting the glass ceiling

Over the last twenty years, the proportion of women in managerial or executive positions has not really changed in Canada. Still confronted with attitudes, preferences and prejudices, Canadian women remain outside career advancement opportunities. This is what a survey conducted by the Conference Board of Canada found, conducted among 876 women and men across the country.

By the numbers

Canada: Fifth preferred destination for foreign workers

Hydrogen, an international recruitment firm, interviewed 2,146 people in 90 countries about their motivations to go abroad to work. Result: career opportunities, attractiveness for a new experience and the financial potential justifies workers' movements around the world. Overview of the major trends of the study. network