13% higher pay for HR managers who hold CHRP certification

If holders of the title of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) wonder what the financial value of their certification is, the answer is in the latest “Fuel for HR Careers: The 2013 Market Value for CHRP Certification” survey, conducted by the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) and PayScale. Overview of the results.


Between 2007 and 2012, employment offers that required the CHRP increased by 86%. In fact, in 2007 they represented 36% of all offers and, in 2012, 68%. This year, the proportion of offers requiring the title now amounts to 70%. Demand for it is becoming more and more frequent and goes along with higher salaries, promotions and responsibilities for HR professionals armed with this certification.


Juniors and directors less affected by the differences


With regards to compensation, HR managers derive their success with a 13% difference in median salary compared to their non-certified colleagues. Coming next are the functions of director and generalist (7%) then that of administrator. For all HR salaries, the median salary difference found was 30%.


Geographical differences as well


The geographical area also plays a role in the annual salary gap between certified and non-certified HR personnel. The cities of Hamilton, Calgary, Winnipeg and London (Ontario) register the highest differences (between $10,000 and $13,500 difference per year). However, the gap is less pronounced in Kitchener (Ontario), Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa/Gatineau, Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver (between $4000 and $9600 gap per year).


Faster career progress


In terms of responsibilities, CHRP holders are more likely to hold positions of director (51%), vice president (50% of those certified), manager (44%) and generalist (39%). The functions of administrator and assistant only include 20% and 3% certified, respectively.


For promotions, professionals with the CHRP received them more frequently than those who. It is at 65% compared to 33% for HR assistants, 55% to 28% for administrators, 51% to 30% for generalists, and 23% to 11% for managers.


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