Violence conjugale et milieu de travail : une enquête nationale

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) recently launched a national survey on the repercussions of domestic violence on workers and the workplace. Its objective is to provide research data for developing appropriate public policies.


Absenteeism, reduced productivity, damage to physical, psychological and mental health,…   There are many consequences of domestic violence in the professional sphere which can be significant for persons exposed and their colleagues and employers.

According to Lise Martin, Executive Director of the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters, domestic violence has a financial impact to employers of at least $85,000 for every 100 employees. At this point, it is only an estimate. According to Barbara MacQuarrie, Community Director at the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, Western University, the study will provide concrete evidence of facts that are easy to overlook…

Regarding the proposals, Barbara Byers, Executive Vice President of the CLC, believes that employers should establish a mechanism whereby employees receive paid or unpaid leave in order to overcome the consequences of domestic violence.


A survey accessible to anyone on the Internet

The survey aims for an understanding of domestic violence on workers when they are at work and to assess the extent of this phenomenon in Canada, along with studies which have already been conducted in the United States and Australia. To do this, the questionnaire is accessible online in English and French until June 6, 2014, for all workers over fifteen years old, who are victims, witnesses or otherwise of domestic violence.

Questions bear on each person’s experience compared to their personal and professional situation, on the signs that allow identification of a person exposed to domestic violence and on the impact on the workplace, including fellow employees. Finally, a place is given to the known or assumed role of employers and unions in recognizing domestic violence and actions that can be implemented to assist employees who are victims. The data collected from respondents are completely anonymous.


The survey in French:

The survey in English:


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