Social networks expert, a disappearing profession?

Although jobs for social medias and technologies have only existed for less than ten years, they are currently declining and will likely disappear within the next ten years. The study conducted by Workopolis points out that four other professions are also coming to an end over the next decade.

Jobs for social media experts originated with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter and other social media but appear to have a bleak future according the study’s results. The reason? The new generation of professionals arriving on the job market are already equipped with an excellent knowledge of these tools and the communication skills necessary to use them effectively. Management of social networks will therefore be a part of the basic skills needed to get a job and will no longer justify the presence of an entire position within the company, according to the explanations on the Internet Workopolis website.

Traditional occupations in the hot seat

The new technologies have reserved a similar fate for the taxi dispatcher. Drivers will be better contacted by an app loaded onto a smartphone to let them manage their routes directly. Also showing up in the list of five jobs that will cease to exist within ten years are those of messenger, retail cashier and typist. However, other jobs have good times ahead. The jobs of financial adviser, financial services representative, sales representative, sales staff and social worker have recently seen the strongest growth.

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