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Oddly enough

Romance at work – reality overtakes fantasy

  A recent study by Global Workmonitor, conducted by Randstad, lifts the veil on romance at work in the world. 400 employees in each of 32 countries analysed were interviewed on their views on the subject. The results are biased towards tolerance. Overview.


71% of graduating candidates found a job after completing their studies

Canadian companies prefer graduates when recruiting, but do not consider them operational as soon as they start their job. This is what a recent survey found, conducted by the Bank of Montreal with 500 SMEs across the country.

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Facing the elements, Building Business Resilience in a Changing Climate

Taking climate change into account in risk management. A challenge for which companies must prepare and adapt for over the long term, according to the NRTEE (National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy). Focus on its last publication  


Why include training in the HR strategy ?

More than four in ten Canadian employers do not support the cost of continuing training for their employees. This is what a recent study by Robert Half Finance and Accounting found, conducted with 270 Financial Officers of companies with more than 20 employees.

By the numbers

Does internet access at work make Canadian employees less productive ?

Emails, instant messaging, smartphones... What are the consequences of the proliferation of the means of communications within companies? The recent Global Monitoring study published by Randstad takes stock, conducted with employees from 32 countries including Canada.

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Publication of a guide to promoting mental health at work

“Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers" is the new tool available to Canadian employers and Human Resources managers to protect the mental health of their employees.


A new immigration system for skilled workers

Sectors in demand for manpower and shortage of qualified professionals ... The federal government plans to create solutions by reforming the immigration system, including the professional and skilled workers program. Details for explanation.

Call to order

The dividing line between professional and personal life becoming increasingly blurred

46% of Canadian employees are occupied with their personal affairs in the workplace and 51% are occupied with their work in their private life. This is what the recent Global Monitoring study found, conducted among 400 Canadian employees by Randstad. Focus on a phenomenon with multiple consequences.

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