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The 4th Industrial Revolution: what are the consequences to global employment?

The new technologies are not all good. A recent study published by the World Economic Forum shows that the development of connected objects could lead to the elimination of close to 5 million jobs in the next five years.


DRHs in the time of nomads?

Meetings, remote working, outside appointments... employees are spending less and less time at their workstations. Professional nomads have become a way of work recognized by companies but without the oversight of Human Resources. A gap that must be closed.

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The virtues of humour at work

Humour is good for health and even more. Bringing humour to the professional sphere can have good benefits. It influences the well-being and productivity of employees as well as the operation of companies.  


Toolkit: how to remotivate yourself after the holidays?

Summer’s end means the end of the holidays. It’s hard to get back to work enthusiastically. The holiday blues are waiting for you. Here’s how to avoid succumbing to them.


Parental leave: the Quebec model voted best in the world

Quebecers have something to celebrate! And for good reason: the system of parental leave is cited as a model by an independent American political research institute which calls for similar measures to be adopted south of the border.

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8 essential books dedicated to professionals this summer

The holidays are approaching. It’s time to catch up on your reading or, why not, to start afresh. So here is a list of business oriented books to slip into the suitcase between the sunscreen and swimsuit...


A new algorithm for Google

On April 21 the search engine launched a new version that takes account of mobile compatibility. What are the consequences and how can a career/employment site be optimized. Some enlightenment...

By the numbers

40% of HR programs don’t meet the needs of the business

New technologies are transforming the way we work and upsetting the traditional principles of talent management. Confronted with this new reality, companies must transform their HR department. This is one of the findings noted by the 2015 Trends in Human Capital study conducted by the Deloitte consulting firm.   

Oddly enough

The strangest questions asked in an interview

When meeting a recruiter, candidates have to answer all questions. Some of them can even seem ridiculous. The website Glassdoor has listed the ten most absurd questions. Here are some of them.


Call to order: Women are still paid less than men

There are still differences between pay for women and men. In an equivalent role, women earn 11% less than their male colleagues in private enterprises with 200 people and over. Explanations.

By the numbers

Are HR managers in phase with employees?

Human resources managers are disconnected from their employees, according to a report published this month. It reveals that they have a much more optimistic vision of actions taken for employees than the employees do themselves.

Good to know

Good working conditions in SMEs

Stereotypes sometimes die hard. But now there is a study that could sweep away clichés about SMEs. Indeed, a survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has found that SMEs offer quite respectable working conditions to their employees.

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