Articles by Agnès Wojciechowicz


The professional priorities of Canadians have changed

The professional priorities of Canadians are no longer the same, a recent survey has revealed. Career development, training and company reputation are now superseding the balance between work and private life. Some explanations.


Mentally disabled persons always looking for work

People affected by mental problems face many challenges in working life. Worse, 90% of those who suffer from serious disorders have no access to employment. This is one of the findings from a recent Canadian study.

Good to know

Skills development: the paradox of Canadian companies

Two thirds of employers in Canada feel that employee skills development is inseparable from company strategy. But only three out of ten are ready to fund training them. Explanations.

Call to order

Age: a factor for discrimination in Canadian companies

Today, elderly people are still discriminated against due to their age in the professional sphere. This is the observation made by the “Second wind: the changing nature of retirement” study, conducted among 5230 Canadians.

By the numbers

2.8% increase in Canadian salaries for 2011

There’s a bit of good news on the salary front. According to data compiled by the CRHA, compensation is projected to increase by 2.8% in 2011.

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