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Good to know

Canadian companies are struggling with TFW program restrictions

Canadian companies are facing significant difficulties in recruitment. While they are struggling to find qualified candidates in Canada, they are confronted by the limits imposed by the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program when they want to hire a non-Canadian candidates. Consequently, they are outsourcing more and more of their projects.

By the numbers

Nearly 202 million unemployed in 2013 around the world

The global unemployment rate increased further last year. Indeed, there were 202 million unemployed in 2013, 5 million more than in 2012. This is what the 2014 Report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) reveals on global employment trends.


Ottawa strengthens the rules relating to foreign workers

Until now, officials could not inspect a workplace without authorization. The Canadian government has just changed this by authorizing inspections without a warrant. This new regulation aims to appease Canadians afraid of seeing their jobs “stolen” by foreign workers.

Good to know

Keywords for the year on LinkedIn

After Facebook and Twitter, it’s LinkedIn’s turn to publish the ranking of the most use words on its site in 2013. “Responsible”, “strategic” and “effective” are among the most used. Focus on this ranking and how a profile can be optimized.

Oddly enough

The typical fraudster in business is a manager

Say goodbye to prejudices! The fraudster is not always who you expect. Those who commit crimes within companies are not workers but executives. This is what a recent study conducted by KPMG found. Portrait of the fraudster in a business

By the numbers

11% of MBA graduates prefer the public sector or a NPO

More Canadians holding an MBA than graduates from other countries choose a job in the public sector or within a non-profit organization (NPO). This is a conclusion arising from the worldwide study conducted by Catalyst.


Updating skills: an employer’s responsibility

Canadians feel that it’s the employer’s responsibility to finance employees’ skills training. This is what the last report conducted by Randstad’s WorkMonitor has found.

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Mindful Employer Canada created

Launched at the end of November, Mindful Employer Canada aims to highlight companies that are publicly committed to supporting mental health in the workplace. Any organization can sign it. Explanations.

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Canadians are unaware that their professional bonuses are taxable

As the end of the year approaches, 44% of Canadians expect that their employers will organize a Christmas party, according to a recent survey. But few of them realize that a workplace party can have repercussions on their tax return. Explanations.

Good to know

Interprovincial migration of workers at its highest level

The number of Canadians migrating to another province in search of a new job have reached the highest level in 25 years. This is what a report from the Economic Studies department of the Bank of Montreal has revealed.


Slightly renewed optimism by Canadian SMEs in October

After a lacklustre spring, SMEs are regaining some optimism. This is what the Business Barometer Index of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) calculated in October.

Call to order

Unfairness at work – source of professional depression

Contrary to popular belief, burnout is not caused by an overload of work. According to a Danish study, what must be looked for is more related to managers and the injustices that they may commit network