A new algorithm for Google

On April 21 the search engine launched a new version that takes account of mobile compatibility. What are the consequences and how can a career/employment site be optimized. Some enlightenment…

The new algorithm deployed by the search engine includes a new SEO element. In addition to keywords, for example, the ability of a website to be displayed on a mobile device will influence its ranking in the results displayed by the search engine. So a site which appeared before on the first page will be relegated to pages 5, 6, 7 or even the last page, it if cannot be displayed on the screen of a mobile phone.


A page by page algorithm

The new algorithm works in real time. Mobile optimization of a site can happen at any time. Once it has been optimized, Google will classify it as mobile friendly and it may then appear in the top search results. Google has also indicated that the algorithm would only reference optimized pages. If five pages of a site are mobile compatible, only these pages will be able to meet SEO criteria.


A 10% loss of traffic

Good SEO has today become mandatory for businesses. This is because it not only offers greater exposure but it gives managers the possibility of reaching a considerable number of internet users. As proof, a company that appears on the first page of search results sees 92% of its traffic generated by Google, 5% if it’s on the second page and 1% if it is on the third page, according to a study conducted by the Chitika online advertising network. In addition, taking the first place generates 33 clicks, 18 clicks for the site that comes in second position, and 11 clicks for the third, according to the same study. Lacking compatibility with mobile devices, a company could lose about 10% of its overall traffic, Search Foresight, an agency specializing in SEO, believes.


A test of compatibility

Although they may seem minor, the changes made by Google could therefore damage sites that do not have the financial means to make their site compatible. Close to $15,000 would be needed to provide the mobile version of a website. However, Google has given assurance that local searches displayed among the first results will not be affected by the algorithm. Furthermore, the search engine is offering a test to companies that wish to check the compatibility of their site, and a guide of best practises to get the best SEO results.

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