Call to order: Women are still paid less than men

There are still differences between pay for women and men. In an equivalent role, women earn 11% less than their male colleagues in private enterprises with 200 people and over. Explanations.


Figures from the Institut des Statistiques du Québec show that inequalities have a tough life when it comes to wages. Women are still paid less than men. For full time jobs that require a university degree in private organizations with more than 200 employees, women earn on average $66,108 gross annual salary compared to $74,170 for men. The wage gap is 11% according to the study.


Contrasts up to $13,045

These wage differences vary depending on the sector. The field of editorial, translation and public relations takes the lead of sectors practising this financial discrimination, with women receiving $13,045 less than their male counterparts. In civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, the gap is $9,447 on average. Women who are professionals in positions as political agents, researchers or consultants get $8,965 less than men. The financial contrast in engineering between women and men is $6,599 in favour of the latter. Finally, women who are mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries are paid $6,426 less than men. 

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