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Engaged employees are more productive employees

Employee engagement has a direct impact on productivity, as most companies know. However, they do not all use measures to assess the first to improve the second. 

Good to know

Revolution expected for the Canadian workforce within the next ten years

A new Randstad study has revealed what Canada’s workforce could look like by 2025, with a tendency towards the atypical that is expected to continue in the years to come. 

Career management

So you’re looking for change: how should you let it be known?

Have you been in the same job for several years and are beginning to find the routine tedious? It’s quite normal to want a change, either upward or horizontally. Here are 5 tips on sharing your ambitions with your boss. Prepare in advance There should be no question of presenting yourself with a request for […]

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Conflicts between employees waste a half a day each week for CFOs

Are you kept more busy managing your employees’ conflicts than performing the duties that are your responsibility? You’re not alone, according to an Accountemps study.


Body language at an interview

It is often said the most of what is said is not expressed in words. The tone of voice, facial expression and also and especially the attitude and gestures count for much in the message that you want to convey. The problem is that many of these elements are subconscious. Learn how to master them […]

Call to order

Canadians are increasingly stressed at work

A result of greater demands by companies, a difficult and competitive market and tight deadlines, nearly three quarters of Canadian employees say they are more and more stressed by their work.

Pay and benefits

Compensation negotiation: think of the benefits!

There’s more than just salary to compensation negotiation. If your future employer cannot make a purely financial effort, you may be able to obtain benefits that are just as interesting.  Why would benefits work when salary won’t budge? Companies, especially major corporations, sometimes have salary scales that they cannot escape from without the risk of […]

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Reform of the pension plan: employers are worried

The reform of the Canada Pension Plan will come into force on January 1, 2019, and the country’s businesses are already worried... But not to the point of starting to take measures.

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Entering the work world – what do young people want?

Problems related to the move from school to the working world are not new. RBC has just published a white paper with proposals by young people to facilitate this transition, which companies could use to inspire themselves to attract new graduates. 


How to prepare for a telephone interview

The hiring interview is already a daunting exercise in itself, but telephone interview can be even more scary. However, with a bit of preparation, you can impress the recruiter and get the job, or at least move to the next step of the process – the face-to-face appointment. 6 tips to persuade your future employer […]

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Public and private, not so different?

And do the public and private sectors resemble each other more than we like to believe? Is the public service really incapable of change? Do private enterprises call themselves into question as easily as they say? It’s these and many other questions that the book “Public employees, private employees, in the face of change” seeks to answer. 

Good to know

Overqualification and job satisfaction: the study

Overqualified employees are less satisfied with their work and more likely to look elsewhere, according to a study from Statistics Canada. 

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