Dress is becoming increasingly casual

It’s well known – there are sectors where employees can wear casual dress and others where it is frowned upon… But this boundary is becoming more and more blurred.


Summer is the time to release a little pressure at work and let your employees come to the office dressed less formally than the rest of the year…  But what if this casualness were to become permanent and apply to all seasons, all year long? Robert Half Finance and Accounting conducted a survey by an independent firm of 270 financial directors selected from a random sample of Canadian companies. The subject: the dress code. The austere image of accounting and finance is being overturned. Indeed, to the question, “How would you describe the dress code followed by your employees in the accounting and finance sectors?”, only 27% of people interviewed answered very or quite formal, and nearly three quarters quite casual (khaki pants and polo shirt or pullover sweater) or very casual (jeans and tee-shirt).


A mark of confidence appreciated by employees

The study notes that these answers are consistent with developments in the world of work and the changing preferences of employees. Where these results become interesting for human resources professionals and employers is that the Robert Half president of international staffing activities, Greg Scileppi, took the opportunity to note that an organization that lets its employees choose their dress may attract more candidates seeking a job and retain its employees, because such freedom instills a culture of trust that is good for morale.


Staying professional above all

But be careful – being casual doesn’t mean doing just anything or lacking professionalism. Your employees must nonetheless wear suitable dress appropriate to their daily tasks. If they plan to meet customers, for example, it’s better for them to pay attention to their clothing, more than if they spend the whole day in the office.

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