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Canada for Gender Equality at the G7

For its presidency of the G7, Canada has made gender equality a priority, particularly in the energy sector, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has designated gender equality and women’s empowerment as one of the main themes of the summit. The Advisory Council on Gender Equality for the Canadian presidency of the […]

Pay and benefits

How to Negotiate Your Salary During Hiring?

How to negotiate salary is a game well known by both candidates and employers – the former want to earn more, the latter want to pay less! Often, as a candidate, you do not feel in a position of strength in this discussion, yet with good preparation and a reasonable attitude, you can nibble a […]


Technology – 93% of Recruiters Have Made a Hiring Mistake

All recruiters know that there is often a mismatch between the skills they are seeking and those that candidates possess. A new study from Robert Half Technology confirms it. A very large majority of hiring decision-makers in the information technologies sector admit that they have made a mistake in recruitment: 93% have already hired someone […]

Company life

6 Tips to Get Back to Work Efficiently!

Vacations are over. Do you find yourself back behind your desk but unable to dive into your work without thinking nostalgically about the relaxation of the last few weeks? 6 tips to get back to work efficiently! 1. Sort your messages You have probably received hundreds of emails while you were away, but how many […]

Career management

Why do you Lose your Talents?

This is a figure that is of concern to all managers and employers: 43% of Canadians would quit their jobs for a better salary. The OfficeTeam recruitment firm conducted a study on the factors that may cause employees to quit their current job. The response is clear and sharp: 43% said a higher paycheque (39% […]

Not to be missed

Cybersecurity is a big concern to Canadian business leaders

A EY Global Fraud Survey reveals that Canadian business leaders are more fearful of cyberattacks than their counterparts. For example, in Canada 66% of them think they are the greatest threat to their business. 37% of business leaders around the world consider cyberattacks to be the main risk for their company, compared to two-thirds of […]

Pay and benefits, Rights and labour standards

Gender Pay Gap Remains in Canada

At a time when the government is announcing a bill on pay equity to reduce the gaps between the genders, what is clear is that in fact equality in this area is still far from being achieved. 35% to 44% less for women on hourly wages and bonuses 64% to 72% lower at the Royal […]

Jobs search

How to Explain Frequent Job Changes to an Employer?

Although employees are in favour of the practise of frequent job changes, employers, on the other hand, see it as an inability to be engaged and a risk of losing new arrivals too quickly. 57% of Canadian workers believe that changing jobs on a regular basis can be beneficial, especially in terms of salary. At […]

Company life

5 Steps for Spring Cleaning at the Office

It’s not just at home that spring is a good time for organizing and housekeeping – at the office as well you can take advantage of these first rays of sunshine to put some order into your files and thereby gain efficiency. 5 steps to face April looking good. 1. Organize your workspace Some people […]

Company life

Staff Turnover Rate – Canada Poorly Placed

LinkedIn has conducted a survey on the rate of staff turnover around the world. Canada ranks fourth among countries where it is the highest. 21% for France, 17.6% for the United Kingdom, 17.5% for Australia, 16% for Canada and 13% for the United States – staff turnover rates are reason for concern in these countries. […]

Jobs search

Have you Thought About Thanking the Recruiter?

The hiring interview is over, you move on hoping to have news one day… That’s the attitude most candidates adopt, but did you know there’s another option? Thanking the recruiter, send a message to thank him or her for the attention they gave to you and to take the opportunity to multiply your chances of […]

Company life

Top Priorities for HR Managers for 2018

The New Year is underway and good resolutions have begun to emerge, including in human resources. Top priorities for HR managers for 2018 will include improving engagement and productivity, and financial support for employees, particularly for retirement. According to the annual Human Resources Trends by Morneau Shepell, the top three priorities for HR managers for […]

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