Are You Prepared to Train to Hire?

One of the main problems on the labour market is the gap between available skills and those needed by businesses. Robert Half conducted a survey on this subject with 300 HR managers and 500 office workers in Canada on candidates needing workers’ training.

76% of Canadian workers would be ready to apply even if they do not have all the required qualifications, according to a Robert Half survey… And they are right! Indeed, a
large majority of companies (86%) is ready to hire even if a candidate does not have the required skills and to train them. In fact, more than half of employees (58%) landed a position despite being underqualified and needing workers’ training.

Why recruit an underqualified person?
There are several reasons to give a candidate a chance who does not have all the skills you want. First of all, it may simply be that the ideal candidate does not exist on the market, that no one has accumulated, at the same time, the experience, all the qualifications, mobility, mastery of a language and that of a particular software. Then, it
permits looking at diversified profiles that can bring a new vision of things and thereby move the company forward. Finally, it is an investment in the future: people hired in this way are grateful to the employer who took them on despite their shortcomings and in need of worker’s training. They are more committed, are more loyal and are often the company’s best representatives, ready to recommended it to their acquaintances.

How is this done?
Proceed in three stages. When writing the job description, clearly define what skills are absolutely essential, those for which you will not be able to take the time to hire the
newcomer, and those which would be desirable but which you could let pass or which can be acquired later. When selecting profiles, rather than technical qualifications, identify the ability and willingness to learn and invest in self-improvement. And when the candidate is chosen, identify together what training he will have to follow to be able to best carry out his duties.

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