Are Sports Good for Morale and Productivity?

There is no longer any need to prove the virtues of sports: better health, better  quality of life, less stress… But did you know that the simple fact of organizing some friendly sport competition or everyone watching the Stanley Cup final together can also be good for your employees’ morale and increase their effectiveness?

According to a Robert Half study, activities related to sports (as part of the March Madness or the Stanley Cup final, for example) have a positive impact on staff, according
to 68% of Canadian senior executives, and lead to productivity benefits for 50% of them. Two thirds of the companies interviewed also organize sport competition festivities.

What you can do
There are many opportunities for employers who want to let their employees and company have the benefits of sports. First of all is what is related to sports events:
installation of screens in the lunch rooms to follow major competitions, wearing of team clothing (34% of participants in the Robert Half survey proposed it), etc.

Then there is practising sports at the workplace. No need to install expensive equipment for those who do not have the means or the space: you can offer your employees a yoga break, for example, hiring a professional who comes two or three times a week to give aone-hour course.

Finally, friendly competitions (37% of those surveyed) are not only good for morale, but also for team spirit! So don’t hesitate to organize it between your different departments and offer token rewards to the winners.

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