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Company life

3 pro tips to communicate effectively even remotely

Do you feel that since your team has been working remotely, rapport has been lost, exchanges are more laborious and there are more misunderstandings? This impression is well-founded. Explanations and advice from communication psychology expert Guillaume Dulude. For the doctor of neuropsychology and communication specialist Guillaume Dulude, our difficulties of communicating effectively through layers of […]


Special COVID-19 – Review of hirings and dismissals – March 2020

The world of work experienced unprecedented upheavals in March due to measures imposed by the federal and provincial governments to limit the spread of COVID-19. Here is an overview of the employment situation in the country. Massive job losses This is now a cliché: the situation is changing rapidly – and the statement also applies […]

Rights and labour standards

Under What Circumstances Can an Employer Hire a Private Detective?

If he suspects an employee of cheating on salary insurance, can an employer hire a private detective to conduct shadowing? What are the limits of the worker’s right to privacy? Some explanations. Employee fraud costs companies 5% of their revenue, according to the 2018 report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The use of […]

Pay and benefits

Successful Salary Negotiation – Some Avenues

It is always delicate to negotiate a starting salary or a salary increase with an employee, especially when they are critical for the company. Here are some tips for successful negotiation. A CROP-CHRP survey conducted in March 2018, reveals that 41% of Quebec workers believe they are being paid less than they deserve. In the […]


Google Hire: a new recruitment service

Alphabet Inc. is discretely preparing to hunt on the lands of LinkedIn with its new Google Hire service. Overview of this recruitment tools which is currently being developed under utmost secrecy.


Hirings and layoffs – March 2017

The following is a report of the companies that announced hirings and lay-offs during the month of March 2017.


Jobboom Partners with TC Media

Yesterday Jobboom announced it had concluded a partnership with TC Media's local newspapers. An arrangement which should benefit recruiters and job seekers.

Good to know

The Secrets of the Companies Where People Want to Work

Foosball tables, espresso machines, and upscale snacks have little to do with how satisfied your employees are. Two experts tell us what really makes the difference when it comes to workplace happiness.


How To Ace A Group Interview

What are the benefits and risks of a group interview? Under what circumstances is it appropriate? How to set up such an interview, and how to drive it? We tackle the issue.


Why Do Employees Change Jobs?

To understand why employees change jobs, LinkedIn interviewed more than 10,000 people who have gone from one employer to another in 2015. Here are the survey’s highlights.


The Essentials of the Candidate Experience in 2016

Recruiters can no longer ignore the virtues of the candidate experience to attract outstanding talent. Here are some keys to ensuring the operation is successful.


Wellbeing at Work: Benefits That Boost Productivity

Beyond espresso machines and pool tables, which are the most ‘profitable’ working conditions for employers? Here is one expert’s opinion. network