Google Hire: a new recruitment service

Alphabet Inc. is discretely preparing to hunt on the lands of LinkedIn with its new Google Hire service. Overview of this recruitment tools which is currently being developed under utmost secrecy.

Google discretely entering the immense online recruitment market. The American web colossus is currently testing a new service by which it could enter in competition with other major players such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

The American digital media Axios last month discovered the existence of Google Hire. According to information obtained by Axios, Hire will be a search engine for candidates primarily intended for recruiters. This is also what the slogan suggests that appears on the page where you can sign up for updates about the site: “Google Hire helps you manage your company's recruiting process”.


 Functionalities to be defined

It’s impossible however to know for the moment the precise properties of this new platform. Indeed, there has not yet been any official announcement about Hire from Google, and the site is currently only accessible to a handful of American companies testing the beta version. Other visitors end up on a homepage where the cannot yet sign in with a personal Google account.

VMware co-founder Diane Greene will be the prime contractor for developing Google Hire. The Mountain View company acquired her start-up Bebop in November 2015, before appointing her vice-president of cloud computing.


Fears among job seekers

At a time when it is becoming more and more common for recruiters to conduct an internet search about candidates they are considering interviewing, job seekers are anxious about the possibility that Google Hire will allow employers to have access to their browsing history and the masses of data that the internet giant has on them.

Asked about this by the new technology blog Gizmodo, a Google spokesperson nonetheless denied this possibility: “Google does not share personal information such as search or browsing history. Only information that candidates have provided Google Hire will be disclosed – the first name, surname, email address and presentation letter, for example.”

With the launch of Google Hire, will we see the birth of a recruitment giant or the fizzle of a wet firecracker like the Google+ social network? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure: we will carefully monitor the development of a recruitment tool prepared by one of the world’s most sought-after employers.

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