Jobboom Partners with TC Media

Yesterday Jobboom announced it had concluded a partnership with TC Media's local newspapers. An arrangement which should benefit recruiters and job seekers.

Greater Reach for Job Offers

As of February 28, 2017, all job offers published in TC Media's local and regional newspapers will also be displayed on the site.

This is good news for employers in a context in which 7 out of 10 employers in Québec are having recruitment problems, according to a Léger survey conducted in October 2016 on behalf of Jobboom.  

"The ultimate goal is to generate more applications for the jobs posted," stated André Leblanc, Vice-President of Marketing and Interactive Technologies at Mediagrif, the company which owns Jobboom. "The arrangement will increase the visibility of the postings by disseminating them on additional channels," he explained. "It's a plus value for our clients without an increase in rates," stated  André Leblanc.

Job Seekers Are Not Left Out

This new partnership will also appeal to job seekers.

On one hand, the web versions of TC Media's local and regional publications will publish Jobboom job offers in their region.

On the other hand, as of March 20th, employees will be able to read Jobboom articles on job seeking and career development in Montréal's Métro daily paper and in the hundred or so local and regional newspapers published by TC Media in Québec.


"The arrangement is a good way to bolster the distribution of our career advice articles, which are much appreciated by our readers," André Leblanc stated.

The Power of the Web and Local Relevance

"Access to the electronic portals of TC Media newspapers will enable Jobboom to better reach out to Québec's population in each of its regions," continued André Leblanc. "This arrangement combines the power of the Web, which Jobboom has, with conventional channels, that is, local and regional newspapers with great local relevance. So these are media that complement each other well."

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