The website bows out


The website, created in September 2012 by TC (previously Transcontinental) with the collaboration of Bruno Leclaire (one of the founders of Jobboom), ceased operations last month.

The absence of real popularity by candidates and the limited success of its pay per click formula for views by employers got the better of the adventure, 5 years after its launch.

TC was one of the first players in online recruitment in Quebec in the 2000s through the use of the employment section of the Journal Les Affaires website.  The switch to the paying mode and the transfer to the domain with its own graphic branding did not allow the employment site to meet increasingly active competition.

Following partnership with Jobboom, weekly job ads from TC will now be taken over on the Jobboom website.  

Here is the announcement that all candidates who log on to the site will now read:

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