A new brand image for Jobs.ca

After 14 years of good and loyal service, jobs.ca, the Canadian pioneer of job aggregators and specialized sites has been redesigned—starting with the logo and design—from top to bottom. This initiative falls under a larger project to overhaul the entire technology platform developed over 16 years by jobWings Careers.

Since the acquisition of the Jobs.ca domain name and the merger of Nicejob.ca and Publipac.ca under this brand in 2014, we needed a means to achieve our ambitions.

Today, we unveil our new brand image as the first stage of the complete overhaul that will take place over the next 18 months. The next stage is the migration of our 20 specialized sites by January 2017.

Throughout this overhaul, new features for both candidates and recruiters will emerge. You have ample time—whether a candidate or recruiter—to send us your wishes, criticisms, suggestions, questions, disappointments, or remarks. We will read them with the utmost attention.


Thanks for your confidence,
Manuel Francisci

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