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The website bows out

The website, created in September 2012 by TC ceased operations last month.


Giving Away Your Job Board Business One Click at a Time

In the beginning, job aggregators (called job search engine at that time) were either sued for stealing content ( vs. Cadremploi in 2001) or bought out to avoid their potential disruptive effect on the market of well-established players (Monster buying FlipDog in 2001 after it ranked #5 in less than a year).  A while later, […]


A new brand image for

After 14 years of good and loyal service, the Canadian pioneer of job aggregators and specialized sites has been redesigned—starting with the logo and design—from top to bottom. 


A Review of Hirings and Layoffs for May 2015

Our monthly review of the businesses that have hired and fired labor during the month of May.

Call to order

Don’t mess with Gen-Y…

After waiting his manager for more than an hour to take over his shift, the 27-year-old locked up the Gas station, taped a graceful note on the door and walk away. 

News and merge to become

Following the recent acquisition of the domain name by JobWings Careers, job aggregator, and job postings solution, will now operate under the brand

Job posting

When there is a shortage of qualified candidates, all shots are allowed…

When there is a shortage of qualified candidates, all shots are allowed...

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Extreme interview experience

Going to a job interview was not stressfull enough for candidates so LG Chile decided to spice them up...

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Labour shortage?

Solutions are on the horizon...

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An inspiring video message dedicated to job seekers


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Contextual interview at Heineken

An original way of selecting a candidate out of 1734 applications and create employer awarness.

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After the Best Job in the World, here is the worst ever. Testimony in support.

Testimony in support.

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