Why do you Lose your Talents?

This is a figure that is of concern to all managers and employers: 43% of Canadians would quit their jobs for a better salary.

The OfficeTeam recruitment firm conducted a study on the factors that may cause employees to quit their current job. The response is clear and sharp: 43% said a higher paycheque (39% of women and 45% of men). Far behind follow boredom and lack of a challenge (17%), the fact of not feeling appreciated (11%), joining a company with higher goals or a higher mission (10%), values that do not match the company culture (9%), commuting difficulties or the opportunity of working closer to home (7%), and finally dissatisfaction related to a superior (4%).

Businesses therefore know that what they have to do to keep their talents and attract new ones: outbid, especially in sectors were the shortage of skills is felt strongly and where there is stiff competition between employers.

By a large majority (65%), the HR managers interviewed felt that the way an employee leaves their position has an impact on their career prospects.

In all cases, OfficeTeam stresses the importance of leaving on good terms, not burning bridges, and completing projects underway before departure.

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