Equality: Employees and Employers Disagree on Progress

Accenture surveyed more than 30,000 employees and 1,700 senior executives in 28 countries on the culture of workplace equality. Titled “Getting to equal 2020: The hidden value of culture makers”, the report reveals considerable gaps between the views of leaders and those of employees.

According to an Accenture report, employees are increasingly concerned about culture and think it is important to help them thrive at work, with even a larger share for Generation Z (75%) than baby-boomers (64%) and for women (77%) than men (67%). 

However, while 68% of executives believe that they create rewarding environments, in which employees can be themselves, express their concerns and innovate without fear of failure, only 36% of employees agree. In addition, 20% of employees do not feel included in their company, do not have the impression of being welcome at work nor of being able to contribute something and thrive, while managers think the only 2% of the employees feel this way.

Significant financial impact

The report lists 40 factors that reveal a culture favourable to equality, among which is a leadership team that is itself diverse, senior roles entrusted to women, the possibility for men to take parental leave, etc. Accenture calculates that if the difference in perception was reduced just 50%, profits would increase by 33%, which would represent $120 billion in Canada alone. 


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