Recruitment: teens popular with companies

Starting a professional career at a very young age can often be done only by starting a business. But employers are beginning to pay close attention to teens, inviting them to take on some rather unusual jobs.

While companies are struggling to adapt to the professional demands of millennials, they are now also looking to their younger siblings. To do this, they are suggesting they put the big boss’s suit, following the example of Toys “R” Us. Following a competition, Émile Burbige, a 12-year-old Quebec boy, has been hired to become the fourth CEO, chief entertainment officer, of the Canadian subsidiary. For a year, he will have the assignment of testing games sold by the toy chain and making recommendations to parents via the media.

Less fun and more anchored in the reality of the working world, for three years now Adecco has organized the 1job2boss contest in France, to become the right hand of the president of a large group. The result is a one-month contract paying €7,000 ($10,357 CAD) in the form of financing of a year of studies. The duties consists of supporting the president in his travels around the world, giving opinions and participating in decision-making. The only condition for submitting an application – a high school diploma.

For the organizing companies these operations let them not only communicate their employer brand but also allow them to start working with promising candidates who bring a fresh look on the organization’s internal functions.

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