HR: 5 tips to remain competitive

Managing human resources while standing out to attract and retain talent – this is a challenge companies are facing. To assist them, the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA) analyzed five HR trends.


1. Hiring former employees

Turning to former employees during a labour shortage lets organizations reintegrate workers who are already very familiar with the business while bringing in new knowledge. In addition, this type of recruitment is less expensive. How do they stay in contact? Some examples are sending newsletters and arranging after work happy hours.


2. Developing open workspaces

These workspaces have many benefits: improved communications and relationships between employees and managers, stimulating creativity and accelerating decision-making. To offer an even more effective working environment, businesses can add to these open areas spaces for respite, entertainment and closed rooms where privacy is needed.


3. Using HR measurements

Since return on investment remains paramount for leaders, consideration must be given to putting actions in place in the business with a view of the value added. To do this, HR measurements are the assessment tool that enables collecting, measuring and analyzing these actions. The goal? Understanding the past and predicting the future.


4. Focus on achieving results

To attract candidates, especially the new generation, businesses are putting increasing emphasis on flexibility – non-restrictive schedules, remote working opportunities and therefore better reconciliation between personal and professional life. This way of operating means favouring quality over quantity of work performed.


5. Supporting performance management

An annual assessment with a points system might well become a memory of the past. To press performance management further, companies can develop more personalized tracking of workers. Goals for this adapted support include generating commitment, helping employees improve and acting as a lever of growth for the organization.


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