Publication of a guide to promoting mental health at work


“Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers" is the new tool available to Canadian employers and Human Resources managers to protect the mental health of their employees.

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the leading cause of disability for Canadian employees is related to mental health problems. It estimates that it costs the country 51 billion dollars and companies 20 billion dollars. To improve the situation, the Commission has recently developed a practical guide with the goal of preventing and protecting mental health in the workplace.

A source of recommendations and concrete actions

Based on the latest scientific research and professional practices, the guide provides recommendations for implementing programs for preventing or improving mental health. Specifically, it gives the keys to defining, planning and promoting a mental health policy within the company. Actions and their implementation are also presented by level of prevention: the first is risk management, the second is identification and remediation of distress and the third is reduction of distress and impaired functioning. Included in the different actions are taking psychological health and safety into account in the recruitment process, organizing stress management training sessions, use of measures for work adaptation in case of problems, etc. Finally, the guide proposes planning tools for results assessment as well as avenues to sustain the activities undertaken.

A guide for businesses and professional networks

The guide is a valuable tool for all employers, regardless of the enterprise’s size, sector of activity or geographic location. And it may be equally useful to managers, health professionals, regulation and legal specialists and to union officials.

Like to read it?

Title: Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers

Publisher: Mental Health Commission of Canada

Price: Free for download.

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