« Le voyage du directeur des ressources humaines »

“The Human Resources Manager”

From Israel to Romania, the tragicomic, spiritual journey of a human resources manager. A French-Israeli film directed by Eran Riklis.

After a young Romanian employee dies in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, her ex- human resources manager’s life is turned upside down. Her death surrounded by general indifference—especially from her former employer, who continued to pay her— Yulia is at the heart of scandal that risks sullying the reputation of Jerusalem’s largest bakery. It’s the beginning of an epic adventure for her former HRM, who is required by the owner of the baker to straighten out the matter and bring the young woman’s remains back to her family in the depths of glacial, snowbound Romania.

In this somewhat absurd road trip, Israeli Director Eran Riklis brings us into a zany yet intimate adventure, which calls to mind the world of Kusturica via its unlikely situations set to a background of gypsy music. Behind this lunacy, in which the HRM, flanked by colourful characters, travels across Romania with a coffin on the roof, is a more profound reflection on life, identity and roots. Leaving Jerusalem subdued and badly taking on his responsibilities, the human resources manager will slowly discover who the dead woman whose coffin he is carrying was, and be transformed through contact with the characters accompanying him.

This touching, humane film received three Israeli Ophir Awards for best direction, best film and best screenplay of 2010. Its Canadian release date has not been determined, but this clip gives you a good idea of what this tragic road movie is all about.

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