Successfully Recruiting Generation Y Graduates

Born starting in the 80s, they are increasingly numerous on the job market. But in order to attract the best, you need to know what drives them. StepStone Solutions has published a white paper on the topic.

The expectations of generation Y grads differ a lot from their elders, which is why companies must now more than ever take them into account in order to attract and recruit this generation. StepStone Solutions, the talent management firm, has just published a white paper to help recruiters do this. It’s chock-full of advice and tips for decoding what drives this generation—born starting in the 1980s—in the workplace. While Gen Yers are often stereotyped as taking their work less seriously, wanting to be promoted without having proven themselves, or being unable to make decisions, the white paper shows that Gen Y graduates are just different than previous generations and especially very demanding with respect to their employers.

StepStone says that recruiters must accordingly adopt appropriate strategies to attract Gen Yers, who are familiar with new information technologies, and have usually grown up in a world of discussion and exchange. The employer image is essential for these young recruits, and it must therefore be polished when deploying online recruiting activities, especially via social networks. “A high-quality website, a simple application process, and rapid contact with recruiters” are of course important, but you also have to be present on their favourite go-to sites and especially, be creative—a quality that this white paper will help you develop.

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Publisher: StepStone Solutions
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