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Oddball interview questions

Some recruiters commonly use odd—to say the least—interview questions to catch candidates unprepared. Glassdoor has published the cream of the crop in terms of strangeness, but be forewarned, some of them will leave you scratching your head! While candidates try to prepare for recruiters’ trick questions, they cannot possibly imagine some of the unexpected things […]

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Canadian bosses fear talent shortage

The recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers on the priorities of business leaders around the world reflects a slight increase in optimism for 2013 but does not hide the fears driving business leaders.


1 recruitment out of 8 considered a failure

Menée dans 28 pays auprès de 250 responsables des ressources humaines et 2 000 salariés embauchés en 2012, l’étude de la société de conseil Development Dimension International (DDI) montre que seule la moitié des entreprises jugent leur processus de recrutement réellement efficace.

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Successfully Recruiting Generation Y Graduates

Born starting in the 80s, they are increasingly numerous on the job market. But in order to attract the best, you need to know what drives them. StepStone Solutions has published a white paper on the topic.

By the numbers

23% of companies stop their employees from accessing Facebook

Despite its popularity, the famous social networking site is off-limits at work for a number of companies worldwide, which have blocked their employees’ access to it.

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Relationships at risk as communications technologies become fragmented

The digital revolution and the development of social networking have fundamentally transformed corporate communication methods, which is proving a challenge for European companies.

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The Great Workplace: How to Build It, How to Keep It, and Why It Matters

Two experts explore what counts in creating a workplace where employees feel good and give the best of themselves.

Call to order

Global economic growth depends on talent mobility

The latest World Economic Forum report explains that the global mobility of talent is becoming as critical to growth as the global mobility of goods and capital.

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Companies defrauded by employees

Based on a recent poll, execs say that half of large Canadian companies have been hit by employee fraud attempts.

Oddly enough

Management-approved undergarments!

From shoes, to glasses, makeup and even undergarment colour, UBS means business with its dress code. Everything from head to toe is spelled out!Management-approved undergarments!

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« Le voyage du directeur des ressources humaines »

“The Human Resources Manager” From Israel to Romania, the tragicomic, spiritual journey of a human resources manager. A French-Israeli film directed by Eran Riklis.

Oddly enough

Boss initiates hunger strike for the right to fire an employee

The labour inspectorate refused to allow French boss Jean-François Marteau the right to fire his employee for serious misconduct, so Mr. Marteau launched a hunger strike to protest the decision. network