Avoiding the discipline trap

Affaires RH lists a series of advice from experts on the issue of discipline in the workplace.


Is it always necessary to use punishment to deal with an employee’s misconduct? Apparently not, going by the advice issued by professionals on the Affaires RH website. Managers will learn there how to use informal communication to change the behaviour of an employee, how to conduct a counseling interview without the threat of discipline, how to tell an employee about the facts alleged against him and the punishments that could result and how to organize follow-up.


In a long video interview, Muriel Drolet, CRHA at Drolet Douville and Associates, provides details of several questions to be asked ahead of a disciplinary interview, how to prepare, what mistakes to avoid. What are the keys to success, according to the specialist? ”It’s really essential to have a preventive approach and to have the courage to act when the moment requires.” She also suggest that managers have good advisers around them, whether the company’s HR consultant, a legal consultant or a union official.


Finally, the site suggests some reading material to gain a deeper insight into the subject: "Modern management of discipline: what the employer needs to know”, by Claude Lecorre, Marc-André Laroche and Linda Bernier from Yvon Blais Publishers, "How to handle a difficult employee" by Muriel Drolet at Les Éditions Transcontinental and “Managing Discipline – A Practical Guide”, by Rheaume Perreault and Isabelle Blais at Publications CCH Ltd.

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