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Good to know

CCOHS webinars for a healthy workplace

October is Healthy Workplace Month. For the occasion, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) is organizing two free webinars on October 13 and 14.


Recognition at work: To each culture its practices

In English-speaking North America, France and Quebec, corporate culture and geographic location have an effect on workplace recognition practices and the obstacles encountered—this observation is the result of a study conducted by specialist Christophe Laval and unveiled during the HR Without Limits conference.

To Read

New French survival guide for online recruiting

Émilie Pelletier and Didier Dubois have written a guide to help human resources professionals understand and use new Web 2.0 tools.


Employment of older workers worldwide

How are senior workers faring worldwide? Which countries have implemented best practices, and which ones could use them as role models? An overview of best practices in five countries affected by the aging population.

Oddly enough

Recruiting firm gets cooking

Feel like spicing up a recruiting firm website? Barbara Personnel has found the way...

By the numbers

59% of Canadian employees satisfied with their health care plans

The results of the sanofi-aventis Healthcare Survey released at the end of July reveal that employer engagement is a good investment.

By the numbers

Employment services industry in Canada

At the end of June, Statistics Canada released its 2007 Employment Services Report...

Oddly enough

Employees of the future: Say cheese!

Smile, you’re going to work! A Japanese transportation company has just initiated a rather unusual morning ritual...

Good to know

Apprenticeship training pays off!

According to a Canadian Apprenticeship Forum study, hiring an apprentice improves companies’ bottom line...

Call to order

3 to 5% of GDP lost because of stress

Many studies have assessed the “deferred cost” of stress, in terms of lost productivity and proved that the phenomenon costs between 3 and 5% of GDP in most industrialized countries.

Oddly enough

Parents at job interviews

Mom and Dad accompanied you to your first day of school, so why not to the first job interview?

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